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soooo awkward!

So, for the past few days, my office has been conducting interviews for my job. We have a conference room in our office suite where they have been holding the interviews and they are keeping the door open. This wouldn't be bad if my desk weren't literally right outside of the conference room!! I find it really awkward to be sitting here "working" while they are interviewing my replacement. I'm trying not to listen, but it's really hard to block it out.

Is it just me or does anyone else think it's weird??

Re: soooo awkward!

  • I think it is more weird that you aren't involved in helping find your replacement. At my old job I actually helped interview my replacement. Otherwise, I am suprised that they don't have the door shut, and I would probably get up and shut it myself...which I did numerous times at my old job because I also was right outside the conference room and it would get annoying to hear meetings going on.
  • I'm with Jody--I would have thought they would have either had you help hire a replacement or completely leave you out of it--including closing the door!  That seems ridiculous. and really awkward for you.
  • I agree with PP. At my last job I interviewed my replacement and was even part of the committee that selected the replacement. They should have at least shut the door!
  • perhaps it's their way of letting you hear what the canidates say? But I agree, awkward way of doing it.
  • I *think* the reason I'm not involved is because I was contacted personally by someone who was applying for the job whom I know. OK, glad to know that it's not just me who thinks it's awkward. Thankfully the last interview is today while I'm at class.
  • I think that is really awkward to listen while other people are interviewing.  They could at least shut the door. 


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