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Organizing rewards cards

How does everyone contain those keychain and full sized rewards cards? If you travel, how do you keep from everything being so bulky when you then include your frequent flyer cards too?

I think nearly every retailer has the rewards cards now and my purse is getting too full (see previous post about purse sagas).  My keys make me look like a janitor and now I can't fit THOSE into my purse either. 
I'm terrible at remembering to bring the essential cards I need when out and about.  Is there a good solution that works for you?  Do I just chalk it up and buy the bigger darn purse (with lots of organization things attached)? 

With my rewards cards, frequent flyer cards (I travel a lot too), and credit cards, my wallet is bursting at the seems.

Re: Organizing rewards cards

  • Ugh, I hear ya, Trisha. My keychain is full of those rewards/points cards and then there's a few in my wallet as well and they are next to impossible to keep track of! I always forget that I have them and half the time don't get the points! LOL
  • I used to have some in a wallet, some in a baggie and some in a purse pocket. I finally just got a larger wallet but seriously, my purse weighs a ton! On top of all that crap , I have an envelope for just gift card/gift cert. and then another envelope for coupons (because too many times we'll be out and I don't rememeber to bring them.)
  • Thank you Erin!!  I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that.  I'm like you - if it's not attached to me in some way, shape or form, I'm going to forget it!
  • Some rewards programs don't require you to physically scan the card each time. A lot of them now just require you to enter your phone number to make sure the purchase goes towards your account. So I always ask about that and leave those cards home.
    As for frequent flier cards - leave them at home too. All you need is to provide the number you don't need to show the card. So write down all of the numbers on a slip of paper and leave that in your wallet. Or, I write mine in the back of my planner which I always have with me when I travel.
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