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Neighborhood dilemma -- WWYD?

We just moved into a new neighborhood, and have had a lot of neighbors stop by with things to welcome us (pie, bread, etc).  I write thank you notes for them, even though I've said thank you when they hand it to me.   Tonight, the president of the Home Owner's Assoc. stopped by with the Treasurer (who stopped by last week with some bread), and they had a big gift basket for us.  Because it was the president and treasurer, I assumed that the basket was from the HOA, but inside the basket, there's a little card that says "Welcome to the neighborhood!" signed by some neighbors that we haven't met yet.  
My problem:  I don't know who to thank.  I thanked the 2 women a couple of times while they were here, and I kind of think that's enough, but if the basket is from this other couple, should I thank them, too?  If it is from them, isn't it weird that someone else would bring it to us?
This is going to bother me all night, not knowing if I'm bring rude by not thanking the right person!!!  Hopefully, you girls can give me some peace of mind.
Sorry this is so long!!

Re: Neighborhood dilemma -- WWYD?

  • I suggest over thanking. If you have a note from neighbors who have not yet received a thank you, drop one off to them.
  • First of all, what subdivision do you live in?  We moved into another subdivision earlier this year, it was a step up from our first one BUT didn't get a thing....MAYBE ONE "hi" and our old subdivision yielded bread and nice neighbors welcoming us.

    ANywho, I'd pop over to the ones you didn't meet if you are an outgoing person.  They could be close knit to the bundle that brought the gift over BUT was either busy OR not the "initiator" of addressing things so to say but since the "group" went in, they popped in and this can be a good introduction to a neighborhood circle per se.


    Just my 2 cents....if you know where/who the neighbor is.....

  • What a great neighborhood you live in! If you know who the other people are, I would send a thank you note or stop over with one. If you don't know who they are, I would send a note to the HOA and maybe they can include it in the next meeting or newsletter, etc.
  • Wow! You must live in a really nice and friendly neighboorhood.  That is so nice that they have brought you lots of things to welcome you.

    We just moved in our new house last week (we went back and forth for about a month to get it ready).  The people are pretty friendly and glad to see us because the previous neighbors didn't take care of the house. But no welcome gifts.

    I would just try to send a Thank you note to those neighbors if you know who they are. Maybe send a thank you letter to the HOA.
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