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Bridge to Terebithia

Just finally got around to seeing this... I was worried it was not going to be true to the book because of the trailers, but it is true to the book and its super good!!

So sad though. Anyone else seen it?

Re: Bridge to Terebithia

  • Yes, I  saw 8 year old niece made us "adults" watch it over 4th of July holiday.  I thought it would be boring if the kids liked it, but I thought it was great.  By the end we were all sitting there blubbering.  It was really good..I hadn't read the book.
  • We watched it in the plane on our honeymoon.  I loved the book when I was little, and I was scared because of the trailers.  It's so weird that they marketed it as a completely different story.

    I liked it, DH didn't (but he did cry).
  • Oh, I'm glad to hear that. I loved the book as a kid and was very leery of the trailers- I couldn't remember them being chased by giant robots in the book, and that's kind of what the commercials made the movie look like! I may have to get it on video now.
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  • I know! The trailers were SOOO misleading, which too me is good since I wanted it to be like the book. How can your DH not like it AND cry? ... must just not like sad movies?
  • i semiliked it, i nkew it woud be sad at the end, but the cheesiness ofthe fantasy scenes i iddint *love*
  • DH thought the acting was horrible, but the end was just so sad that it made him cry.  At least that's what he told me, I think he just really liked it and didn't want to admit that he enjoyed a children's movie.  :)
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