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Babysitting Vent..

So I don't think many people know this, but I started part time babysitting for a family in Dublin. I am here 2 days a week, which is not bad at all, and I thought it would be a good way to pass some time since I just went back to part time at work. Well...The kids are a handful! I have babysat many times in the past but this is borderline crazy. The mother makes me write down every single activity I do with the kids including what time the 3yr old goes the bathroom. I have taken on many more tasks then the normal babysitting job including walking their dog and doing all of the kids laundry, which I am just not ok with...Im not getting paid enough to do that sort of thing. Today I walked into the house and the 3yr old is really sick...borderline on a 100 degree temp. I thought it was very inconsiderate of the mother to leave me here with her sick child. I have my health and another job to consider and I can't be sick for that. DH just got a new job and I really don't need to take on this babysitting position anymore, but I don't know how to go about telling her. They only wanted me part time until mid-december when their other Nanny is finished with student teaching, but I don't think I can't wait that long. I would feel like such a jerk to bail on her with only a few weeks to go, but im wearing thin...Any suggestions?? Thanks for letting me get this out...DH just wants me to quit and get it over with, but It's easier said then done.

Re: Babysitting Vent..

  • Just quit! It sounds like you won't be burning any bridges you may need for a job in the future, you said it, you don't need to be sick for your other job, or to make your DH sick. Give her a weeks notice and be done with it! Good Luck!
  • I know...I really need to. I have fallen in love with the 3yr old, but I really need to be thinking of myself and not someone elses family. Thanks ;)
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