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VENT Seriously, Who Does that. So frustrated.

I was just about to go run errands when I realized my car is gone.... it was parked infront of my apartment building this morning (on the street) and now its not there).

I call the police and find out that a neighbor called and reported there was a parked car with expired tags, so the cops came and towed it.

I KNOW its bad to have expired tags, we had full intensions of renewing them, we just had not gotten around to it. But seriously, who goes around looking at all the tags on the street and calls the cops to tow their neigbhors perfectly legally parked cars?

In the mean time, DH is staying late at work and he is impossible to get a hold of, not to mention (1) I reminded him to renew the tags multiple times, both cars are registered in his name and (2) I am supposed to be leaving for a concert in Mansfield at 6pm, and if DH is not home by 6:15 or so I will either be late, or not be able to go, and if I can't go my Grandma can't go because her ticket is in my name at the will call!!

I just want to cry.

Re: VENT Seriously, Who Does that. So frustrated.

  • Update: DH is home, I can leave for the concert, and we have arranged to go get the other car back on Fridya. But it still sucks.
  • Yeah that is really lame of your neighbor.  I remember when dh and I first moved into our house.  We were doing some remodeling, and had like the old cabinets in our driveway.  One of our neighbors reported it and we got a letter saying we have 4 days to clear it or we would either be arrested or seriously fined, I can't remember which.  Glad everything worked out though with the concert.
  • Glad you are able to go to the concert! But that is seriously jacked up of your neighbor to be that nosy to go around calling the police about their neighbor's expired tags. I used to notice it occasionally when I parked on the street outside our apartment in Grandview and was always like, that sucks, I hope they renew their tags soon. It never even dawned on me to report them.

    Some people seriously need lives.
  • Ugh. What a pain. Glad you could make it to the concert.
  • If you have street parking, more than likely they wanted/needed a space and got petty.  Either way, it's lame.  And doesn't make a very good impression on them in the neighborhood.

    But you do know that you can renew tags online, right?  It's super quick and takes about 2 days for the stickers to come.  I love it.  I'll never go in person again!

  • wth. that was unnecessary.

    people are stupid.

  • That is ridiculous!! I can't believe they did something like that without asking around first, at least.

    Joe still has his car registered in WV so it has WV tags (his D.L. is WV too) and our landlord put a warning on his windshield stating his tags were illegal, which they're not.  He should have Ohio plates and everything but his tags aren't illegal. Lame.
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