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Does Dramamine work for you?

I have a few long car rides ahead of me, and I get so bored easily! I would love to read in the car, but get motion sickness pretty quickly this way (nausea, headache, etc.)

I've heard of Dramamine- does this really work??

Re: Does Dramamine work for you?

  • Dramamine always makes me super sleepy (other people have said they have similar drowsiness after taking it), so I guess it works in that I fall asleep so then I don't experience any motion sickness. I would not take it if I were going to be responsible for driving (or keeping the driver awake) in the several hours after I took it. If you are going to have to drive after taking it, I'd take it out before the trip to see how drowsy it makes you. - North Carolina: Where you can marry your cousin. Just not your gay cousin.
  • It helps me fall asleep on airplanes. ?I usually have a hard time sleeping. ?I would not take it if you want to stay awake for whatever reason.
  • Dramamine works for me.
    There is a non-drowsy version available.
  • I have used Dramamine, but I like Bonnies better.  They don't make me feel like I'm on crack like Dramamine does.


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  • Yes, it works for me but also makes me very drowsy as PPs have said.  If I'm not actively doing something I will pass out for hours.

    I'd rather be rock climbing or playing volleyball
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  • Dramamine doesn't do anything except make me sleepy.

    Bonine, on the other hand, works wonders.  I took it last time I went on a cruise and didn't have one second of seasickness (and I am prone to motion sickness).

  • It works for me, I have to take it otherwise. . . .

    I find taking just one does not make me sleepy, I took two once and felt like I was in a coma

  • Both dramamine and non-drowsy dramamine put me to sleep within hours.  Bonine is even worse for me.  Once DH and I took some on a trip to Disney world.  We were so tired, we came back to our room at 7 pm and slept for like 14 hours straight.  On our last cruise, we split a bonine pill in half and that helped some, but still made me sleepy.

    On my next cruise, I'm going to try ginger pills. Both Mythbusters and Food Detectives have shown that these have some anti-nausea protection and it doesn't seem to make me sleepy.

  • It does work for me but get the less drowsy formula or you will feel SUPER tired.
  • I use the 24 hour Dramamine. I take it the night before and don't feel too sleepy the next day. And I don't feel nausea all day long.
  • It works wonders for me.  The first time I tried it I took the regular kind and it did make me sleepy so after that I used the non-drowsy formula and it's great.
  • well, you have a few options. 1) audiobooks (get from library, download from itunes etc...) 2) ginger pills and/or ginger gum. 3) wristband my DH gets motion sickness on cruises from time to time. in his words 'i'd rather be sick than take dramamine-it makes me sleep all of the time and gives me a hangover'. he prefers the ginger gum that i got from Sea Band for our last cruise instead. Worked SO well, no sleepyness. PS: even the LESS drowsy dramamine makes you tired.
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