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Shopping this weekend!

I know I've been talking to a bunch of you on MC about shopping this weekend.  I can't do it tomorrow because I forgot that I have my trainer at 11am and we're meeting with a financial planner at 3pm.

Saturday is good for me at International or Westshore, or both!  I need some warm clothes before I leave for Chicago on Wednesday night.  Anyone interested in meeting up?

I think jimsrunnergal is going shopping tomorrow (Friday) for those that would prefer that day. :)

Re: Shopping this weekend!

  • I know many not be available, but I've been talking to several ladies (jbenninger, flbride79, bumbledees, alyapple, jimsrunnergal, etc) who are interested.  I almost directed this post to just them, but I thought I'd extend the invite to everyone.

    Hope you have a nice time at church.  :)
  • Well MRSe&d, I appreciate the invitation (although I won't be able to make it b/c I am spending the weekend with DH). 
    I honestly don't know anyone who is not doing anything "fun" on Friday or Saturday b/c of the holy days.  I really don't find shopping as being disrespectful towards those days either.  I know most people will be spending time with their families on Sunday but as for the rest of the weekend I don't see why people wouldn't be going shopping and what not.  Plus Kristen, not everyone is Christian and celebrates Easter.  You may forget that some people on the board may be Jewish or any other religion for that matter and so therefore it is just another weekend for them.  
    If you weren't intersted then you just shouldn't have responded you don't have to practically reprimand someone b/c you don't agree with what they are doing over their weekend. 
  • Shopping sounds great, but my friend is coming out of town and we'll be hanging out! Have fun!!
  • Not everyone is "Christian" or even religious. I would love to go shopping, but don't live in Tampa. I'm jealous of all of you Tampa girls and your get-togethers all the time.
  • Hmm, how did a post about shopping become a vent on religion, politics, war and people not liking their spouses.

    I come from a family of devout Christians and my brother is a youth minister. With that said, I find it difficult to listen to someone who admittedly goes to church two times a year, to preach to me about what I do on Easter weekend. Forgive me for being bitchy, but what I do with my Good Friday is not up for judgement by you. Be it shopping or sitting around fanning my balz all day.

    You sound stressed as hell, maybe you should have joined us on the shopping spree!


  • BRING ON THE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!  it is my duty as an American to help the economy by shopping.

    i was going to go to the Int'l to buy a gift for a friend anyway, she is having a party tomorrow night.
    but we have a contractor coming tomorrow to redo our bathroom. not sure how long he'll be here, so it's hard to commit to a time. but i will probably go between 12:30-3. i'll have Rowen with me.
    what time were you thinking Erin?

    Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07

  • fanning my balz all day.
    oh jeez, im LMAO!!!!!

    Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07

  • I am Erin's representative! ;)

    Just got off the phone with her and we are meeting at International Plaza tomorrow at noon right outside of Journey's shoe store by Nordstrom's.

  • Wow.  After re-reading your orginal response, I must say that it does come off as snotty as hell.  I was going to hold my tongue because you seem to be new to the board and I didn't want our first conversation to be a nasty one.  My first response to your reply would not have been a nice one.  At all.  But now, after reading your second reply, I have a few things to say.

    1. Who are you and where did your judgemental ass come from?

    2.  You do realize that there is probably a rather larger group of Nesties who aren't Christian, right?  Would you suggest that they sit on their asses all weekend to be respectful to a religion they don't buy in to?

    3.  Even for those who are Christian, who are you to judge what they do with their days, holy or not?  Whatever happened to "judge not, lest ye be judged", hmm?  And I love how you even admit that you only go to church twice a year, yet you have the balls to tell people when they should be holy.  Get over yourself.  It's a shopping trip, not a freaking Satanic ritual.

    4.  And in response to your second reply, WTF?  What part of that rambling mess was actually relevant to my original post?  You just want to have fun with your DH?  So what?!?  I cannot imagine what in your brain told you that what you typed was anywhere near a reasonable/relevant reply to my question about meeting up to shop with a few girlfriends.  It was a waste of my day to read that and to type this response to it.  In the future, please keep your wild rants out of my posts, which are obviously nothing more that GTG plans.  I could care less about how everyone you know is unhappy.  Start your own post instead of hi-jacking mine.

    5.  While I'm shopping tomorrow, I'll be praying for your holier-than-thou ass.
  • And Aviator, if you want to meet up, just post here and I'll check before we leave.  :)
  • Erin - I'd love to go shopping with you (and meet some of you girls!) - but I am home sick with a sore throat/swollen glands. :(   I am supposed to be volunteering at the Brides Against Breast Cancer dress sale today, but I just need to take it easy and get better.

    On a side note....I am a practicing Christian and on staff (pt) at a church that does celebrate Holy Week. However, there aren't any "restrictions" on what we can and cannot do. I just don't understand that post at all...and especially coming from someone who admits to only attending on the religious holidays - and then went off on a tanget. Wow! - sorry your post got hijacked, Erin!

  • crud, its 12:50 and im just heading out now. hope to run into you, good thing i know what you look like Erin! well im sure you don't have the basketball under your shirt any longer. haahaa!


    Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07

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