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Wednesday playgroup plans

What do you ladies think, Ballast Point again?  Or something different?  I know Al Lopez was a great location for most too.  Or we could shake things up and not do a park.  There's always lunch somewhere (but this requires a better headcount for reservations) or one of those childrens' museums.  We'll figure out what time works best for everyone after we decide on a location.

Oh and MCers, go check out my cute pics post in General Discussion to see pro pics of Ella & her cousin.  I only have limited time to Nest/MC at the IL's, so I had to make this a double post.  :)

Re: Wednesday playgroup plans

  • yea!  we're gonna finally be able to make it to a playdate!  i love spring break!  we're up for anything, whatever works best for you ladies.  have y'all done the zoo or the aquarium yet?
  • We could do the park accross the street from the zoo. It's also down the street from the Children's Museum. They have a nice new picnic shelter right next to the brand new play area for the bigger kids. We could meet there and then go to the museum or the zoo, or just hang out at the park. I'm not sure what there is to do at the museum, I looked at the website really quickly and it looks like everything is geared towards preschool aged kids.
  • I should be able to make it this week FINALLY! I think lunch  somewhere would be fun, but so would a park or the zoo (see I'm no help). I'm so excited to finally meet you girls and your little ones!
  • I liked Ballast Point a lot better than Al Lopez- both are a drive from south Riverview but B.P. was so pretty. We could do lunch somewhere but it's a pretty big group so where can you get reservations at? It seems like most places don't take them anymore. Maybe one week we should try to find someplace to go on this side of town, if there is anything fun. I don't really know what there is in the Brandon area... E, did you ever put together a phone list?
  • I love the idea of the zoo or a museum, I just worry it will be hard with so many of us. It is kind of nice at a park because you get to chat with everyone. I LOVED Ballast Point! We could get lunch there and bring t to our blankets and eat.
  • My vote is for a park again b/c the little ones get to play around.  Doesn't matter which park for me though, any of them are fine.  We do have a park here in Brandon but I know that's a hike for the St. Pete girls.
  • Yeah I know it is a hike over here from St Pete. I don't mind the drive- Ballast Point was awesome. I definitely second the idea of a picnic.
  • I am a maybe this week. My poor SIL is 4 days overdue..shes so miserable! SO I need to be around my  area when she does finally go into labor! If I dont see you girls..have fun!
  • Ballast Park was fun.  I think it would be fun for everyone to bring something and maybe have a little picnic lunch??  Then maybe at this playgroup we can decide if we maybe want to do a museum or something next week?
  • I vote for Ballast Point again.
  • Hey ladies - I'm interested this week! I'll check in and see what the final decision is. - (MamaMia over at Mom's Corner)
  • we're up for anything.  we did the beach on mac dill today, so a park on wednesday will be just fine.  just let us know.  we're looking forward to our first playdate with y'all!
  • OK, Ballast Point it is!  Let's meet at noon.  We'll be around for at least 2 hours, so feel free to come whenever you can make it.

    For those who are new to the group, you'll want to bring a sheet or blanket to sit on and your lunch if you'd like.  And let's plan a pot luck for next week!

    Oh, and my phone list is all gone... can't find where I put it.  So we'll put it together again this week.

    See everyone on Wednesday!!

  • Erin,
    Do you want to finally try to ride together this week?  LMK.
  • Yes!  I think we can come this week!  How exciting!
  • Ok, I'll be there this time. Is there any certain spot I should look for you girls or will it be obvious? Hopefully I won't get lost finding the park...hehe!
  • Karalee,  Ballast Park is pretty small (but beautiful) so it'll be pretty obvious once we all get there.  For some reason I'm usually there early (I hate being late) so I either sit in my purple-blue car or put Logan out and put him in the stroller.  I might be riding with Erin this week if I hear from her so we'll see when I get there if we have two babies.  If you end up taking the express way from Brandon remember there are tolls, although there are different routes you can take.

  • Just RPing from MC...

    I am so freaking bummed but we have to cancel today.  Ella is super snotty (courtesy of her cousin we visited in Chicago) and I just don't want to get any of the other kids sick.  I really wanted to try out my new camera on all our cuties.  And we have a bunch of newcomers joining today too who I wanted to meet... this sucks!!  Boooo!!

    I feel fine and I really need to get out of the house (realized I haven't been outside since Sunday night!), but I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see everyone.  Think I'll take E for a walk and go to Super Target to brighten my mood.

    Take some cute pics for me!
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