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BFP with PMS symptoms

Has this happened to anyone else?

The last 3-4 days I felt like AF was about to begin.  All the symptoms were there and I was becoming annoyed that it hadn't started.  Yesterday AF was due so I decided to take a test and got a BFP.  I was in complete disbelief and a little concerned because I had been having PMS symptoms, breast tenderness, bloating, cramping, and tightness as I normally do before AF. 

I took another test this morning and got another BFP.

I found an article on called "Worth the wait: Your First 8 Weeks of Pregnancy" and it described the way I was feeling and said that my symptoms were the uterus' way of preparing itself for pregnancy.  This made me feel a little better but I am still concerned because I still have some discomfort.  Calling my doctor tomorrow....


Re: BFP with PMS symptoms

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