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PRN status?

I was looking for an additional job and this one lists "PRN" as its status. Other positions have full-time or part-time listed for the status. When I Googled it, it looked like a medical term. Could that be right even though the position is for a cook in a hospital? The other cook positions didn't PRN. TIA! 

Re: PRN status?

  • In this context PRN is an acronym for pro re nata, which basically means "as needed." I'm guessing that this is just a fill-in position and wouldn't have a set schedule.
  • like pp said it means "as needed". Dr.'s use it a lot on prescriptions (I used to be a pharmacy tech) for pain meds. Looks like it's just a fill in type of position.
  • Oh so like a cook-on-call? Hmm.. sounds intriguing! Thanks ladies!
  • On call or with a schedule that changes (to accomodate other people's vacations, for example).
  • Yep... you are right it's a medical/pharmacy term. Basically, it means this is a "casual" position where you will fill in as needed, no pre-determined set hours.
  • Yep it's an as needed position but depending on where you work you will know how many hours per month you will need to be available to work.  Not a big deal for most but we have ppl sign a prn agreement and will term if you can't keep the schedule.  Great way to work at another hospital for extra hours

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