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My chicken has pneumonia.

A few days ago our chicken (we've had her for like, 3 weeks) started doing this weird thing where she opened and closed her beak a lot.  Every once in awhile, she'd make a weird barking noise and flutter around.  We emailed the girl we bought them from--she thought she might be allergic to mold spores in the pen.  We had just cleaned her pen though, so we decided to take her to the vet.  The other chicken seems fine.

I felt like an idiot taking a chicken to the vet in a cardboard box, but apparently they get a lot of chickens.  Pigs too. The vet listened to her little chicken lungs and her little chicken heart and took her little chicken temperature, and it turns out she has pneumonia.  Poor chicken.

 We have to give her shots (this will be Y's job as I am freaked out by needles) for 7 days.  Apparently she is very skinny, but we didn't really hold her so we didn't know (and also we don't know much about chickens).  I feel so bad for her and guilty that we didn't know what was wrong! 

Re: My chicken has pneumonia.

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