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Appropriate Donation Amount - Funeral

Hi ladies,

I have to attend a funeral next week, and the family is asking that a donation be made to an organization in memory of the deceased. How much is an appropriate amount to donate? We are also sending an arrangement to the family.  In case it matters, the person who passed is my soon-to-be brother-in-law's girlfriend's sister. We had met her (the deceased) only once or twice, but know his girlfriend quite well, as they've been dating for a couple of years.

 Thank you!

Re: Appropriate Donation Amount - Funeral

  • I gave $30 at my friend's mother's funeral.  I don't know if that helps very much.
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  • Thanks, it does. I was thinking around $50, plus the arrangement, so I just wanted to know about what is average for this type of thing.
  • Whatever you can afford and feel comfortable with.  Some people give ten or twenty dollars.  Others give much more.  I definitely wouldn't give more than $100.  If it's an organization that researches a disease she died of, I'd probably give a bit more than if it's just an organization she (or her family) just liked a lot.
  • Whatever you can afford.  $25-50
  • Thanks guys. It's an organization I personally would rather not support (it's political) but the only thing that I know she was passionate about and was very active in, so I wanted to do something that I know she would've liked.
  • The organization just tells the family who donated, but not how much.  So you can give $10 and the family still sees you donated. 
  • I would give whatever you are comfortable with. I am sure the organization will just let them know that you donated and not the amount.
  • Totally and completely up to you. For what it's worth, many people designate remembrance gifts to our organization and we see amounts ranging fromm $5 to well over $1,000 and appreciate them all.


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  • i would donate $25 considering you are sending an arrangement as well. that sounds like a generous amount for someone you hardly know.

    i usually give $50 to the family in a card and send no flowers. It is something I was raised to do. ?

  • If there ever was a case for "it's the thought that counts," then this is it... the dollar amount does not matter, so you should give what you are comfortable with.  The family will just appreciate that you were kind enough to donate and think of the deceased.


    We recently experience the loss of a close family member, and donations given in her name covered a huge range.

  • I would probably not send the flowers.  If they are asking for donations to a charity then most likely that is to be in lieu of flowers. 

    In this type of situation I generally donate whatever I would have spent on flowers to their charity of choice.

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