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Would you buy a house with a radon mitigation system?

My husband an I are about to buy a our first home. ?We found one we love and in our price range. ?One problem. ?It has high levels of radon. ?While our test have not come back yet we know it does because the current owners already have installed a mitigation system. ?We have done a lot of research and know the system can eliminate most (but never all) of the problem. So my question is...would you still buy the home with the system? ?We plan to use the basement as our future kids playroom and a office for my husband. Thats where the most radon collects as well. ?We really need the space in the basement. Again we know the system can fix it but we are still very apprehensive. ?Also will this effect our re-sale value? ?Our realtor says no, but we cant help but think it does since we are questioning it and we love the house.

?Anyone in the same situation? ?Living with kids in a high level radon house? If so do you have an paranoia, any fears, or is it just normal living? ?Also any one trying to sell there house and this is effecting it? ?We are looking for a little first hand advice. ?Thanks for your help in advance?

Re: Would you buy a house with a radon mitigation system?

  • Depending on where you live, it might be hard to find a house that doesn't have a radon problem.  So it having a mitigation system already is a good thing. 

     Check this map to see how likely it is that it is common in your area.


  • I agree with the pp...radon is something that, in many areas, is common enough that finding a house without it is difficult.  Plus, you could buy a house with no radon problem and then develop one.  Your house could show no radon, while the house next door has very high levels.

    The fact that a mitigation system is already in place is good, IMO.  It shows that they've tested and have been proactive about dealing with the problem.  If the system is working and a test comes back with acceptable levels, I'd have no problem buying/living in the home.

  • We bought or house last year and the seller signed a paper saying they had no knowledge of high radon levels.  During the inspection we decided to pay the extra $$ to get the house tested for radon.  The results were that the house had higher than recommened levels of radon.  I'm glad we did this b/c then the seller had to pay to put the mitigation system in. 

     We didn't hesitate to buy the house b/c if you go to the EPA website, radon levels were found high in most of the area we were looking to buy (northern Illinois).  If its a common soil property you can't really get around it except for the mitigation system.  And the mitigation system doesn't JUST remove radon.  Our home inspector said it removed other chemicals, etc. that contribute to bad indoor air quality.  Usually there is the phone number of the installing mitigation company on the system and they'll come out and make sure the system is working properly and levels are WNL once a year.

  • If there is one already in the home, obviously there is a problem in the area with radon and I would want a house with the system rather than without it. 
  • I am with the others. If radon is an issue in your area, then most homes are going to have this issue. If you are really concerned I would look for houses without basements. In what you are describing I would consider the mitigation system a plus, this means you will not need to install one.
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  • I bought a house with one.  If you do, just make sure every few years you still get the home tested to ensure it is working properly.  Where I live radon is a common issue, so the fear factor is not huge around here.
  • Same as pp. We built our house and we have to put a mitigation system in - and the entire area has high levels so all our neighbors do too. Its the location, not the house.
  • Was it mandated that the seller had to pay to the get the mitigation system done before you bought it?
  • I dont have a radon problem but a few years ago when I was house hunting I found one that I absolutely fell in love with. It didnt have a radon problem but when I pulled back the wood paneling in the basement there were cracks all over the foundation. I know its a completely different problem. I just kept searching and about a month later I found another house that I loved, with no problems and it was cheaper. 

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