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Cleaning a microfiber couch?

Hi ladies,  we bought a microfiber couch and love seat in November, and have noticed several spots on it.  A few are from milk, one is from my daughter's leaking diaper, and a few are from mud from the dogs.

I got the stainmaster thing when we bought it, and filed a claim, but they couldn't tell me anything to use to clean spills right after they happen.  For example, if my daughter spills her milk on the couch, can I just wipe it off with a towel and it won't stain?

She suggested not using water, and is sending a technician out to clean the bigger spots, but the mud isn't covered under the warrenty. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use to clean our couch?  The cushions don't come off, although the covers might (I haven't looked yet), if that matters.


Re: Cleaning a microfiber couch?

  • we have a whiteish microfiber couch that I clean with carpet stain remover. I would recommend spot testing yours, first, to ensure it won't change the color, since you're dealing with a darker couch. GL!

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  • It is a white-ish color.  Which brand do you use?
  • I use a micro fiber cloth with distilled water on it on our micro fiber furniture. Works great and doesn't leave spots. We have dogs that get dirt on them and it seems to always get it off!?
  • I have a tan microfiber couch.  I use resolve carpet cleaner.  I've gotten ink, drinks, and chocolate off.  I tested it first.  I like the spray better than the foam.  I think it works better.
  • That's odd- we had ours treated when we bought it and were told to use only water to clean things and that has worked like a charm.  I have never had to use anything else.
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  • We have a tan microfiber couch and i've used dishsoap and warm water and its cleaned many stains. Although, i'm having a problem getting a cheesy vomit smell out of it, and when I was trying to get that out, I use amonia and water (and it didn't ruin it, but it also didn't get the smell out). My aunt told me to try baking soda and water.

    good luck!

  • I dont know if you have a Haverty's furniture store where you live but they have a microfiber cleaning kit that works. I paid $10 for it and my couch looks brand new again. I was considering getting rid of my couch when I move into my house because my couch was dirty looking to me. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try cleaning it first.....saved mr $1000-$1500 or so because I would have had to replace the entire sofa set. Now that it is clean....I plan on putting it in the formal living room and buying a new sofa for my den.....figured that since it is now clean and light covered I might as well put it in a room that it won't get used and it will last longer!
  • Clean towels are great at blotting away fresh spills. I follow with a damp towel and that usually works.Another thing If you decide to spot clean only you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying..


    Thanks for sharing.. - We have a huge selection of luxurious sofas, leather sofa to choose from in a selection of gorgeous, on-trend colours.

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