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steam mop - vinegar water?

I am wondering if you can use vinegar in the water with the steam mop. None of my paperwork/manual info for the mop says anything about using something other than water. It continually mentions how all you need is water; chemical free cleaning with tap water; use distilled water if you have really hard water. I want to use vinegar in the water, at least on occasion, but I don't want to ruin the mop.

Does anyone know if you can do this?

I have the Shark Steam Mop, if that helps.?

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Re: steam mop - vinegar water?

  • I don't see why not.

    Congrats on your upcoming delivery! Very exciting!?

  • HOw do you like your steam mop? Do you use it on hardwoods?

     Congrats on the wee one! 


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  • Thanks! I LOVE the mop. I wanted an Irobot Scooba, but the steam mop was much more in budget and I think will ultimately be more effective (based on the battery life of my Roomba).?

    I love that I don't have to prep a bucket of water and drag it around the house with me. Our wood floors are really dark and with regular mopping the water dries with streaks and spots, so normally (when not so pregnant) I will be down on hands and knees with a towel drying the floor by hand after mopping. NOT SO with the steam mop. I just pull it out, plug it in, start mopping and the floor is dry almost immediately. Best yet, the floors are sanitary, much more than I can say for what they are when I go weeks without mopping--ick. With a dog and 3 cats I want these floors as clean as possible with baby on the way.

    So now, after vacuuming or letting Roomba go, I can just pull out the mop and go over the smudgy areas (footprints show on our dark floors) or I can mop up a small spill in the kitchen and not worry about it being sticky or anything. It's great. It cuts mopping time way down because you don't have to prepare a bucket, lug it around, and stop to wring out a mop constantly. It's as quick as vacuuming, IMO. ?

    The one I got (Shark Deluxe Steam Mop) also comes with extra pads (regular only comes with 2) and a carpet glider so you can freshen up carpet. I doesn't clean the carpet, but I think it is probably to freshen up musty smells (or in my case dog hair smells) and maybe kill mites and germs? I haven't used that part yet. But if the steam works like my steam dryer at refreshing and getting rid of slight odors it will be great. ?

    Bissel's steam mop was rated a bit better by people on some shopping sites, but one downside I didn't want to deal with is that there is a trigger you have to hold for the steam on that mop. This Shark mop releases steam every time you push it, so you don't have to hold buttons or triggers or anything to get it going. ?

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  • I add vinegar to my shark steam mop and have not had any problems, I put about 1/4 vinegar and fill the rest with water.

  • According to my experience, Hoover has great models of steam mops, one of them is
  • I love mine! I feel like regualr mops get the floor too wet.
  • Hmm...never thought about adding vinegar to the my steam mop. I might have to try that.
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