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Post-neuter - what should incision look like? Worried...

B was neutered yesterday, and I think we've done a pretty good job of keeping him calm and preventing him from licking the area.  (The two e-collars I've tried have NOT kept him from it - we've had to watch him really closely). 

The incision looks bad to me, though.  Part of it is bubbling, for lack of a better term, and there is a 1.5" diameter pool of blood underneath the surface of the skin. ( The blood is not leaking and does not appear to be spreading, although it was not there the first time I looked at his incision yesterday).  The bubbling could just be the way they pulled the skin together - it looks like a third grader did it.  

 I've got a call in to the vet, but does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom on this?  Vet hasn't called back yet.

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Re: Post-neuter - what should incision look like? Worried...

  • I hope your vet calls you back, because when we neutered our dog a couple of yrs ago, the incision was dry and looked clean. All we can see was the stitches that pulled the two sides of the skin together, no blood was visible. Did your dog stay for the day/night at the vet's office?
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  • Yes, he stayed for the day, but not overnight.  He is acting fairly normal, maybe a bit less energy than usual.  I'm on the phone with the vet right now.  The tech said the bubbling was normal, but he's checking with the vet right now about the blood.  It surely doesn't look normal to me.
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  • It is normal for there to be some bruising around the site. ?We've only had cats who were neutered, and have dealt with 3 post op. ?IME the boys tend to bounce back REALLY quickly, the surgery isn't as invasive for them. ?I'm not sure about the blood under the skin though, I hope it heals soon!
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  • Well, the vet said all that was normal - apparently the bubbling is swelling.  (At least, that's what they said, but without seeing it, they can't know for sure).  They also said they expect him to bleed - they said he bled quite a bit more than normal during the surgery due to his size. 

    I am not going to bring him in, but I *am* worried.  If it gets any worse, I'm going to call the e-vet and possibly take him in. 

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  • When our husky/lab was neutered, he was a little swollen down there but never had bubble of blood coming out. He is about 80 lbs, and did bleed through the incision for about an hour or two after his surgery. After that he was fine though.

    I would keep an eye on it, and if you are concerned take the poor guy in.

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  • I think I'm actually more concerned about the bubbling than I am the blood - I was looking online yesterday during work (hehe) for post-neutering information, and I found a blog post where a gal posted a pic of her dog.  He had the exact same issue with the blood, and everyone who replied said it was not a big deal.  She even posted a picture, and it looks exactly the same.  (I've tried to get a picture of B, but my camera isn't great, and it gets washed out with the flash).

     I've got my fingers crossed that he'll be okay.  I'm a worry-wart to begin with, and this ugly incision is not helping.

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  • OK, I managed to get a couple of poor quality pictures, but at least you'll get the idea.  The tip of his penis is on the left, and his scrotum is on the right.  The blood underneath the skin is to the left.  Then there is also some (seemingly dried) blood on the incision.



    And here is B with his TWO e-collars - and he can STILL get to the incision!


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  • I think the older they are, the uglier it looks. Max's looked worse and was fine. HTH
  • The bubbling is normal. I guess it's the way they sew it up that it looks like that. Cooper's was the same way (he's a great dane, and was 11 months old at his neuter). It took a week or two for the bubbling to go away - but it did! They did tell me it might ooze a bit, but I guess I lucked out and it didn't. He also attempted to run out of the vets office when I picked him up, lol. He was bruised a bit (he's white so it's very visable), but went away after a few days.

    B looks so mad with that e-collar on! I couldn't keep a collar on Cooper (he knew how to push them off) and my vet suggested this: find a plastic 5 gallon bucket and cut it to fit his neck and pad the inside. This way they can't move their neck around to lick the spot. They also sell something similar (not made from a bucket tho) online. We just gave up on the whole e-collar thing and he was fine (even while we were at work).

  • When we got Oliver neutered he developed the same sort of thing...It's kinda hard to see the picture but his was what I'd call a giant "blood blister" It kept popping and regrowing so we took him to the vet and he had to get a shot and some antibiotics to get the swelling down. ?The vet said his stiches inside (he has no idea how this happened) were infected and that was what was causing the blister. ?He was okay after a week or two once he got his antibiotics. ?I would take him in to get some medicine just to be sure! ? Good luck!
  • Thanks for the reassurance, everyone.  I am keeping an eye on him.  He definitely looks moist and bloody by his scrotum, but I'm thinking it's just because he can reach that area to lick.  I am not planning to take him to the vet at this point, but I will if I see a reason to.
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