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  • There is a lady on the pets board who has  a TON of info about introducing pets and babies... I wish I remembered who...

    W/ Smokey, first, I stopped feeding/watering her at the same time eveery day.  Sometimes it would be morning, sometimes it would be after work, sometimes before bed... but never the same time twice in a row.

    When she stopped being freaked out by that (about 2 weeks for her), I started messing with her while she was eating - petting her, putting my hands in her bowls, moving the bowls, etc.

    A week later, I started being noisy, and I started handling her a little more roughly, then a little more roughly - grabbing at her ears, her tail, her whiskers, etc. (Never hard - I'm not abusive!)  All the while, I continued doing all the inconsistent feedings and messing with her when she ate.

    I started doing all this while I was in my second trimester.  It took her a few weeks to adjust, but by the time I was early 3rd tri, she was used to me.  She didn't like it, but she wasn't a basket case anymore.

    I also stopped letting her jump on my lap (that had more to do with the fact that it was very uncomfortable having her on my belly).

    As we were receiving it, Sophie's stuff was left out in areas where Smokey could get to it and smell it if she wanted to.  When Sophie was born, MH would bring home something that she had worn/been wrapped in so Smokey could sniff it/cuddle with it.

    By the time Sophie and I came home, Smokey was in love.

  • This is the nestie who has all that stuff in her bio.

     And, P.S.  Did you see that Pottery Barn Kids now has Seuss bedroom sets?


  • LOL, if your crib converts to a toddler bed, then that's all the longer you can use those sheets! 

    It's only a few dollars a week!  It's less than a cup of Starbucks coffee everyday!

    Yeah, I want them for you. Wink

  • its a whole different ballgame with toddlers, honestly. Lurk on the "should i get rid of my pet?" posts and you'll find that the concern usually starts when the baby starts to crawl. Why? Cause babies crawling is weird and scary to animals and they'll growl or hiss if they are freaked out enough. that's really when you gotta teach them that their only choice is to leave if the baby/toddler is scaring them (which i think most cats do anyways) and 2) you have to start watching your baby so it doesn't "attack" your pet (i.e. try to pull itself up on top of the pet or something else ridiculous) and doesn't put your pet in a position where it feels the only thing to do is to defend itself  - like if the baby has the pet cornered.

    that doesn't come til later - but it will come soon enough. 

    but like I said before, toddlers are down right freaky to pets (and many adults). They shriek, run really fast for no reason, throw things, grab things, etc. Everyone needs a break from an annoying kid even if they live with them and are used to it. Don't worry about your pets being scared of toddlers being an indication of them accepting the baby, imo. its the same as finding a random kid in a restaraunt horrible while still wanting your own.


  • Sugr, I agree with you in part.  I think the best thing I did in preparing the cat was altering her schedule and messing with her food, because honestly, we get side-tracked and sometimes we forget to feed the cat.  Sometimes, I'm holding the baby, so I drop stuff in her dish and have to fish it out.  It's not necessarily always about what the baby will do to the animal, but about what the baby will do to you, and how it affects the animal, KWIM?

    Also, it's important (IMO) that your animal(s) knows that they have an area that's a kid-free zone.  I forgot about that one earlier.  For Smokey, it's our master bedroom closet.  Sophie will never be allowed to go in there, because that's the cat's hiding place.

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