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I recall awhile back you mentioned u guys used prosper.  I LOVE it!!!!!!!! and I'm so bummed with their haulting lenders :(  So far every person has paid me on time and it's great interest rate!  Just curious if it's something you would do more of in the future.  I want to put larger sums as soon as they allow.

oh and by the way, i saw in your profile you like dodger garlic fries.  have you tried them from Jodi Maroni's?? YUM!!!!!!!!!  I like them even more than dodgers!

Re: ***alisa***

  • I Love Jodi Maroni's!

    My husband has been the one really in to Prosper. He has loaned a lot in small increments. We do have some defaults and late payers, though - almost always from the poorer credit rated folks which is to be expected. That and the fact that my husband is a push-over!

    He will probably do it again. It will never make anyone rich bit it is a nice alternative thing to do.  When do you think they will open it up again?

  • It says the process they are going through could take several months.  But it's been several months already.  I only did top credit score loans... I think I have 30 of them and none has been late yet.  My overall interest rate earned thus far is 11.5%.  The only really annoying part is that I have to remember to log in once a month to transfer my income to my savings otherwise the money just sits there earning zero interest.  But I've been good about moving it quickly.  They also stated they may switch to interest earning accounts rather than having the income sit there interest free - I'll love it if that happens.

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