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I'm probably going to get fired.

One of the bosses came in this morning yelling at me about not including him in a phone call that I had no idea he needed to be in on.  After about 20 minutes of trying to argue my case and explaining to him what I was doing, things just escalated and I blew up. 

For me, it's because the rules are constantly changing, different people ask for different things and then the other person gets upset, blaming me for something that was out of my control that even was pointed out to the boss by my professor that it was not my fault and in fact someone elses for giving us the wrong information.  Anyhow, my prof overheard my raised voice with my boss and is not happy with me and neither am I.  And it looks as if I'm going to get fired for this.  Stupid me and not being able to hold my tongue.

 I just can't work in an environment of constant yelling and screaming and insults to the workers and constant rule changes etc.  Now just waiting for the pink slip.  (though Im holding a little glimmer of hope because the big big boss man came in and gave me a pat on the back and said honey, it's just business and then made a comment in the big company meeting about the other boss blowing his load earlier and now that he has it out of his system we can have a normal meeting).  I'm hoping that last comment means that I might still have a chance.

And yes, I have already emailed both bosses apologizing for my behavior this morning as I am in lab and not in the office.  Sucks.  I'm having a horrible horrible day.

Bobo says smile!!!!


Re: I'm probably going to get fired.

  • So sorry, hon. Here's hoping things blow over and everybody just learns a lesson from this. Call me if you need to vent.

     P.S. 'Virge' and I are trying to start doing Sunday walks regularly again if you wanna take up the practice again too.

  • I'm so sorry.  I hate when things that that happened.  I'm sure if you included him to begin with he would have complained for you botherin ghim with unneccessary things.  D*mned if you do and D*mned if you don't.  I think the apology was a good step.  I hope everything works out. :(
  • Well that bites.

    If it makes you feel better I called my last boss a jerk and didn't get fired...

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  • TGIA, that sounds awesome.  Where are yall walking?  At the school?

    Yeah it's truly a d*mned if you do d*mned if you don;t situation.  So frustrating.  I'm hoping it will blow over, I just hit the end of my rope.

    On a good note (hoping this also means I won't be canned) the big big main boss emailed to see if things were ok and I apologized to him again and he offerec to take me out for dinner and drinks next week so we can talk about some of the stuff going on in the office.  That's a positive sign right?

    Bobo says smile!!!!

  • It sounds like a good sign to me.  If they wanted to fire you they probably wouldn't pay for drinks and dinner just the old fashioned call you in his office thing.  Maybe he feels bad for being a jerk about the whole thing.  GL!
  • That seems like a great sign! If he's talking about next week, you surely won't be fired between now and then.

    We're meeting at Auditorium Shores at 4:00 on Sunday. Let me know if we should be on the lookout for you.

  • This sunday wont work because of superbowl and having the party at my house, but in the following weeks, let me know where you are and if im in town i will go.  And bring wingnut along :D

    And it was the big main boss that is taking me out for dinner, not the one that yelled at me and threatened to fire me the next time i screw up.  

    Bobo says smile!!!!

  • That really sucks!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out ... and if it doesn't - it may be a blessing in the long run. You've had a long run of bad situations with this company. Maybe something better or a better enviroment will come up!
  • image Devil_Ducky:

    I just can't work in an environment of constant yelling and screaming and insults to the workers and constant rule changes etc. 

    What a nightmare!  Sad  Hopefully your meeting next week with the big big boss will help straighten things out.

  • Booo...that sucks.  I hope you don't get fired!!
  • Oi, sorry lady. Hopefully it'll just blow over.
    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • Whoa. You really earned that wine today.
    FWIW, I think you're okay, but I'll cross my fingers for extra luck.
  • what if you apologized in person?  i've noticed that people tend to be a lot more sympathetic (and its more difficult to reject someone) in person.  maybe if they saw how bad you felt about it and that you had the courage to say so in person, they'll be more understanding
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