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hold up- the woman who just gave birth to 8 babies...

already has 6 kids at home, lives with her parents and is not married!!!


:::passed out:::

Re: hold up- the woman who just gave birth to 8 babies...

  • what?  (going to google it now)
  • Well I heard....that she is married and  her H is on his was to Iraq(?) but that she does live with her parents AND her 6 other children.

  • you know this whole situation had to be one hot ass mess when they were so coy with the details. ?and i heard she doesn't have kaiser coverage - she just showed up on their doorstep. ?

    imagine - FOURTEEN KIDS.?image

    [the bliz-og]
  • inneresting....I wondered if KFI had it wrongHuh?  Thanks Hula!

  • BTW- Grandpa (woman's father) is stating that the house being filmed on the news, which clearly appears to be lived in by a family with kids, is not their real home? He's claiming that they have a huge house some where else? He claims they will be going to this larger home once the 8 kids come home. 

    Ummm...Then why not live there instead of the horribly neglected home they are occupying now with 6 kids!!??!?

    :::scratching head on this one:::

  • Yep - I've been watching this story since they made the birth annoucement. The fact that they are being so discreet sends off signals in my book. And now the grandpa's statement about the larger house. Hmmm

    You know Kate (from Jon & Kate +8) is pissed. These kids are going to take away from all her attention. LOL. I dispise that woman. 

  • Brandy- Seriously, I cannot tolerate much of Kate either. I cannot wait until her kids are grown and they tell her to f* off! Freakin' controlling loon. Honestly, I just wish Kate would just chill the hell out, sit down and hug her babies. She never just loves her kids. You know? It's almost like she can't stop being super Mom for one brief minute to give her babies love. If she does it appears like it's forced or painful. At least, that's what I see when I watch that show.
  • Lisa - I totally agree. Did you see the most recent episode (the new house) when they were standing in the parents room and she told the kids they will never see her bedroom again.Parents need their space - but jeesh to never allow your kids into your bedroom is just cold and mean.

    I am getting rowled up just thinking about her.  

  • When I first heard the story, I was so happy. I though a great (if not crazy) ending to a couple's fertility struggle. I did mention to DH that she must have a crappy dr. to risk such high numbers. Usually if they see you have high numbers of eggs, they might cancel your cycle or reduce your drugs that make you release the eggs. 

     When I heard she hs 6 kids already and lives with her parents, I figured she must have self prescribed some fert drugs! Maybe she wants her own reality show! She sounds like some crazy lady, can't wait to hear more details!

    And no insurance!! Yikes, my boys were in the NICU for 11 days and our bill was $100k! I guess kaiser is getting great press tho...

  • ugh, I hate kate too! I can't watch her show, she's such a Nazi all the time. I feel bad for her husband, he looks like a dog that's been smacked over the nose with a newspaper one too many times.
  • I didn't hear about her not having any insurance, WTF? People are speculating that all the silence is b/c of a possiblity of her getting her own reality show.  I hope that wasn't her reason to  have these kids.
  • There are rumors that she used fertility treatments in Mexico because she couldn't afford the cost in the US - it would make a little sense if she just showed up at Kaiser's door at 23 weeks --- what US Dr would not have her in the hospital sooner if they were treating her with so many babies!?

    Also, the father o fthe Octuplets is supposedly a sperm donor but also the same donor as for the previous 6 kids! Her father is a Native of Iraq (according to news reports) and he is returning soon as a contractor to help pay for all of his daughters children! WTF!?

    In the end, the situation is truly sad for ALL the women's kids - they didn't ask to be put into a situation like this. I would bet that CA State gets involved with so much national media attention around this they will have to check everything out - Oh and the comment on the big house  that the grandfather is saying they supposedly have & "we will never find" - it's probably in their native country - I mean if they filed bankruptcy in the US they couldn't possible own something so big in the US so soon - could they?

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  • Not only does she have 6 other kids, but the oldest of those kids is 7. So now she has 14 kids under 8! And, the house they keep showing in Whittier is only a 2 bedroom. How on earth can 3 adults and 6 kids live in a 2 bedroom house?



  • WHY the need for fertility treatments when you already have 6 kids at (your parents) home?!?!?! Ohhh just imagine her welfare check.


    Le Blog
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