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Anniversary Cruise

So we want to take a cruise for our 1 year anniversary. I found a 5 day Carnival cruise that goes to Grand Cayman and Cozumel for $690 for DH and I in September. Is this a good price? It was on expedia.com and it seemed to be cheaper than booking on Carnival?s web site.


If you have been on a cruise, how did you book it?


We have never been on one before. Any advice?  

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Re: Anniversary Cruise

  • Yes, that is a good price.  That included all the port fees, taxes, etc. right?  I have booked a cruise through expedia before, and I've booked through travel agents or gone directly through the cruiseline.  I had good experiences with both.  If you want any help, I know someone who is a local travel agent and specializes in cruises.  She might be able to help you - let me know if you want her contact info.

    The only concern I would have is that September is during Hurricane Season and it could affect your plans.  I wouldn't say NOT to book during that time because I don't think we can build our life around the worry that a hurricane might possibly hit, it just could be an issue and worth mentioning.  That is why the prices are better during that time.


  • Is that $690 PP or for both of you? We took our honeymoon cruise on Carnival and it was a 7 day with balcony for $600 pp but we went the first week in Nov. I booked my first cruise thru a TA and my honeymoon cruise thru carnival. Booking thru Carnival was easy and they were very helpful.

    I love Cozumel it is my favorite port. There is so much to do it is unreal. We have gone to an all inclusive and went ATV'ing thru the jungle.

    Go to CruiseCritic.com it is the best site...

  • OPPS sorry read it is for both of you.. that is a great price.. if it doesnt include fuel surchages that will be added as will your tip of $10 pp per day..


  • Shawana, can you email me her info? We wont be booking for another month or so though. my email is lizs at ymail do com

     Mindy, Thanks for that site! I will check it out!

    I love my crazy child!

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  • what is your email?  it's ymail.com?
  • lol yes, it's a yahoo email. When you make a new account you can pick from yahoo, rocketmail, or ymail. Everyone elsways thinks I mean gmail :)

    I love my crazy child!

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    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker college mom
  • That sounds like a good price.  I have always booked my cruises (I have been on 3 and am going on one in 3 wks.) directly through the cruise line website.  If Expedia is cheaper then I would bok through them.

    There are quite a few cruise websites out there that also have good deals too.  There is one called cruise outlet (or something like that) that has great prices.

    Personally, I love cruising!!  I have never been on Carnival but I know a lot of people who have and say they loved it.

  • I always book threw Carnival directly.  I have a guy that I always contact there and he gets me great deals.  If you want I can give you his name.  DH and I have became obsessed with cruises and I highly recommend that you go on one! :)  We just paid like seven something for a 7 night cruise in June, and it's to the Eastern Caribbean.  If you are looking for the best price than Carnival is def. the way to go.  What port is it out of?
  • Just remember, there will be extra charges....like $9.00 per person per day for fuel is now added on if the fuel prices exceed a certain price.  Also the gratuties.  If you leave from a close port you can have someone drive you, but if not you have to pay $15.00 a day for parking.    If you have any other questions just ask!
  • That price doesnt sound too bad. I had never been on a cruise until I met my husband. Now I think I have been on 10 at least and we have only been together for 6 years! They are such a great vacation. Its so nice to get on the ship and have it take you everywhere you need to go and you dont have to worry about where to eat, how to get there etc.

    My husband said they have stopped charging for the fuel surcharge in 2009. We are going on a cruise leaving February 22st and we paid $499 for a 8 day on Royal Carribbean.   

    Normally we book through an online website. My husband normally does takes care of finding the cruises as he always seems to find good deals. The one website I would steer you away from is bestpricedcruises.com. We used them to book our honeymoon cruise to Hawaii and they over charged us by $360 and we fought with them for 6 months and never wound up getting the money back. Horrible customer service!!

     I would say Royal Caribbean and Carnival are the best cruises to go on. We have been on Princess, Celebrity and Norweigan Cruise Lines as well and did not like them as much.

     Cozumel is a lot of fun. If you are into things like the Mayan Ruins those I have heard are good to see. We have always taken masks and snorkels and rented a scooter and pulled off on the side of the road and snorkeled. We also like to go to Carlos and Charlies. However the drinks are strong so be careful. =)

    Grand Cayman is nice. We have been there on cruises a few times and also went there for a week with another couple to stay in a condo that our friends parents own down there. I would suggest swimming with the sting rays/snorkeling. If thats not your kind of thing then you could always rent a car and drive to Rum Point. Nice little beach but its about 1 hour away from the port and you drive on the opposite side of the road.

    We have been on two cruises in September and have not had a problem with the hurricanes but you just never know what could happen.

     Hope this helps!

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