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weird, one foot little wider than other

I hate it! ?My right foot seems just a tad wider than my left. ?It's not at all visibly noticeable. ?With tennis shoes I can't ever tell cause they are more cushiony and stretchy but with all the cute dressier shoes after a few hours on my feet my right foot is in pain. ?Anyone else have this problem? ?How do you deal with it? ?I've heard of shoe places doing some sort of stretching. ?Would that help??

Re: weird, one foot little wider than other

  • That is pretty normal I think. Yes, having your shoes stretched can help. A good cobbler can do it for you.
  • It is normal that your feet are two different sizes/widths.  I have wide feet to begin with, and my right foot is slightly wider than my left.  Many dept. stores will stretch shoes for you or as pp noted you can take them to a shoe repair place/cobbler and they will also do it for you.
  • I have that problem too.  My right foot is a half size larger than the left foot.  Definitely invest in a shoe stretcher (I have an old wooden one that works wonders and saves me from always having to take the shoes somewhere to have it professionally done.).

    And I buy the shoes to fit my left foot (the smaller one). 

  • I have the same problem, right foot wider than left one. I have my dress shoes stretched and now I buy wider width shoes (Clarks, Sofft).
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