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What to do when dishwasher pipes freeze??

The other day DH ran the dishwasher and it smelled like something was burning- so he ran in and turned it off.  Nothing was stuck- but it seems that no water was coming in - we figured the pipes froze this week.

should we just wait a day or two for it to warm up and try again? or is it probably damaged and now needs to be fixed? It's been below freezing for the past few days- he tried to run it again today and no water came in.

anyone know??  We've lived here 3 years and this has never happened- but it has been so cold in the past week - that is all we can think of. Our kitchen is always pretty cold-- esp in the cabinets.


Re: What to do when dishwasher pipes freeze??

  • Do you have a portable electric heater or something you could put in your kitchen to warm it up? 

    Does the water for your dishwasher come directly from your kitchen sink plumbing?  If it does, are you sure someone didn't accidentally hit the shut of valve and turn the water off? 

    Hopefully there's no damage to your dishwasher. 

  • If the pipes are frozen, you can hold a hair dryer on them to defrost them, or if you have a space heater you can set it there under the cabinet (if you have room) and let it heat them up to thaw them out.
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