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how much do medical transcriptionists make?

I'm contemplating getting a degree in this. does anyone know how much one can expect to start off making doing this and if there is much salary enhancement? is this something one can do from home?

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Re: how much do medical transcriptionists make?

  • I have a friend who does this. I have no idea how much she makes but I don't think she works on salary. I think she gets paid by the word or by the job or something like that. She works from home exclusively.
  • Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Transcriptionist, I'm a techie software gal, but I worked in the transcription world for 8 years (right up until Nov. last year)... here's what I know:

    MTs get paid by the line they type. The best yearly take I've seen is a senior QA person who picked up a TON of overtime and cleared 60k in one year. She's been an MT for like 23 years, this is not common cash, and she types very highly specialized reports at a stunningly rapid speed with her eyes practically closed. In other words, she's a rarity. **Most** MTs work a little less than 30 hrs a week, and make about 15-18k a year. If you do decide to persue this, be sure to go to a very reputable program, Career Step is a great one. That's the one most companies recruit out of.

    I don't know that I would recommend someone persue this path right now though... the MT industry is changing rapidly, and the workers are suffering greatly for it. My former company just laid off 1500 MTs in favor of overseas production... another big player just laid off 2500... so yeah, it's a problem. For those that are hiring, shifts are becoming scarce with actual reports to type (translated: $ to be paid) fewer and fewer.

    Yes, you'll most likely work from home, and no, there's not much you can do to enhance your postion from the starting gate. Once you're in the field for a while you can train into specailties, acute care, QA, and other things, but competition is hot for those jobs, so it's not a given... it's a lot of work. Definetly do your reasearch and make your own choices though... GL to you!!

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  • Here's a good honest site if you want to know more:

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  • I'm an MT. I get paid by how many lines I type. Depending on how clearly the dictators speak, I make anywhere from $12 to $18 per hour. I only work part-time right now because I just had a baby, but I have worked from home my whole MT career. You can make more money if you are willing to do harder work types like operative notes or type for dictators with hard-to-understand foreign accents. You can also make more if you are an MT supervisor or Quality Assurance Editor (going over MTs reports for mistakes or blanks). But this would vary depending on who you work for. Some companies/hospitals pay more if you have your CMT (Certified Medical Transcriptionist). You have to take a test from AHDI to get certified.

    Check out this website for more info on MT. It also gives a list of MT schools that have been approved by the AHDI:

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