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How to organize underwear drawer?

All my panties are just thrown in a drawer.  I have tons, so I am not sure if one of those drawer organizers would work.

How do you keep your's tidy?

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Re: How to organize underwear drawer?

  • This may sound silly, but it works for me. I have a single drawer divider(from the container store) and on one side I have my cotton briefs(for sleeping in) and then my nicer undies I wear during the day on the other side. It really helped me, now i'm not digging through them all looking for my ones that work under my work pants, they are all on one side.
  • I roll mine...  weird, I know.  I fold each side over so they are the same size up and down and then roll it up and put it in the smallest drawer in my dresser. 
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  • I have different containers in my drawer for the different types of underware. Like thongs in one container, boyshorts in another container, ect. I just use lock and lock containers and keep the lids off. And I fold them within the individual containers.
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  • I use plastic bins without the lids, too.  One for panties, one for bras, one for sports bras.  Judge me if you will, but I don't bother with folding.
  • I won't bother to fold underwear.  I have 4 bins:

    - bras/sports bras

    - socks

    - underwear

    - camisoles/tanks/stretchy tops for under suits

  • my dresser has a bunch of small drawers- i have one for panties, one for bras, one for socks, one for fancier lingerie
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  • 3 bins for underwear -- in side by side organizers in my underwear drawer


    Nylon - white/neutral/black

    Nylon - colored

    Also -- seriously go through your underwear and make sure you don't have too much -- are their pairs you grab and then say "ugh -- i don't want to wear these" and you search for another pair? Why are you keeping them?  Figure out what the right supply number of pairs to have is, and manage to it. It will help to keep it organized.


  • Ikea has a set of drawer organizers in a variety of sizes, this has been the only way I've been able to organize my underwear drawer. You can't buy them seperately but the set of 6 is only $10!

  • fionuelah -- those are EXACTLY the bins I use for mine!
  • Aren't they fantastic! I love the different sizes and ten bucks is a steal.
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