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WTF?? Why does my period keep coming earlier and earlier??

In October I got it on the 25th. In November I got it on the 20th (28 day cycle). In December on the 16th (26 day cycle) and now in January I got it today on the 9th (24 day cycle)! WTF???

Sorry for the play-by-play I'm sure you all wanted to know intimate details of my menstrual cycles, but I'm pissed. I normally have 30 day cycles so I didn't expect it to come for a week! WTH has been going on these past few months? I barely noticed the 28 day cycle, but it keeps getting shorter and shorter.

Re: WTF?? Why does my period keep coming earlier and earlier??

  • weird, and i'm sorry i can be of no help at all!
  • i have the opposite problem - mine keeps getting longer. i have no freaking clue why either. sorry, no help.

    this reminds me, i've been meaning to make an appt with my ob/gyn.


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  • Maybe I'll pull out my copy of TCOYF. That thing ought to be good for something besides makin babies!
  • ugh. i'll trade ya.  mine keeps getting longer and loooonger. 

  • BrownEyedWifey....the same thing has been happening to meTongue Tied.   At this point I am paying a lot more atttention to my body....and hoping to figure all of this out.  I also borrowed a copy of TCOYF and just maybe I will discover a mystery about my menstrual cycle.

     I thought my period should come at the end of my pack of bcp...but last month I got my period during the second week....and now I am starting the four week of the next pack (white pills) and no af yet.

    Last time I went to the gyn she put me on Premarin for seven days and something else....for the breakthroug bleeding..that was July.  Now my bcp have was changed.  This is frustrating....and I am clueless which is a real shame.


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