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How to get garlic taste out of mouth??

anything i can eat that will kill the taste?

brushing doesn't do it.... and i mistakenly ate a lot of garlic tonight- and i'm regertting it now!!  Pg + garlic = ick!!

any ideas of food that somehow gets rid of it?


Re: How to get garlic taste out of mouth??

  • Sorry I have no answer for you but MH had the same thing happen to him the other night. I swear he was breathing on me during the night and I had a dream about garlic.  It took a good day and half to go away! He tried everything!!!  It be great if anyone else has a tip so I can pass it to him:)
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  • Lemon cuts the smell of garlic off of your hands, so maybe it would work in your mouth too?  
  • I swear the only way it goes away for me (and I eat A LOT of garlic!) is over night.  same w/ onions.  I'll taste it all day regardless of when I eat it.  i have to pop mints usually just so I don't scare people away.  lol.  once I wake up in the morning and brush, floss and use mouth wash, I'm good to go.
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  • I usually drink a lot of water and flush the smell out and also rinse with scope.
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  • I heard that lemonade works
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  • Well, rubbing your hands on stainless steal gets onion or garlic off of I think you should try licking your faucet!
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