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Why I hate my @&#* co"worker"

We work in IT, when people have a problem with their pc/username/laptop/whatever they are to enter a ticket requesting help. This is how our work comes in. So last week I was the only one here and I worked my A off closing as many tickets (including his) as I could. We had 40, I got it down to 26. This week my co-worker came back,  I left early monday and was out sick yesterday. So today I come in and there is now 38 tickets. WTF! He did nothing yesterday!  He never does any work, this has been going on for years. I stopped caring and slacked off in my own work the past year and I just ignored everything that had to do with him. Now I start to give a damn about my job again, doing the right thing and now I can see nothing has changed. I HATE him. To top it all off he is the most repulsive looking man-pig you have ever seen in your life.

 Ok rant over

Anyone have a co-"worker" that can beat man-pig's lack of work ethic?




Re: Why I hate my @&#* co"worker"

  • Eww! At my old job our IT guys where pretty cool! We called them the tree stuges. haha They would randomly unblock myspace for us from time to time without the bosses knowing hehe

     I can't beat "man-pig" But we have one person that drives me crazy! She's really nice when it's not work related though. And we have had people steal from us before. But I don't really work with anyone but my boss so I don't know who is truly lazy. I take that back! One day we got a note from our night auditor saying he was too tired to do what he was supose to do. SO guess who had to do it? ME! Ug!

    I love my crazy child!

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  • Well, when I was serving a year in Americorps, my team "leader" was a convicted felon (we were working with middle school children) who refused to pick up her kids for their tutor sessions (we tutored in reading and math) and stole food from the after school program we ran (food came from the Food Bank).  She basically got paid more than me to do zero work and the only reason I couldn't be a "leader" was b/c I was only 21 (though I had a college degree and she did not) and the age requirement was 22.

    I can definitely sympathize with the plights of the IT feild though, as my DH works in it as well.  DH did the kind of tech support you do and could turn 4x as many tickets as anyone else on his team with only giving about 50% effort- no else seemed to think they should work for their money.  Now he works on the engineering side and he is still baffled with how much dead weight there is- people who just sit there all day.  And there are the guys who understand about 25% of what their job requires but have these massive egos and think they know everything and will try to correct him or take credit for the work he does by saying "we" did this.  You have to have a TS clearance where he works and they have a saying that all you need is a "clearance and a pulse" to work there.  Sadly, in many cases it is true.

  • FLVin - "Dead weight" - that's a perfect description.


  • for me it is overzealous nurses (SORRY ANY NURSES, I DO LOVE YOU GUYS!!!) who want me to drop everything to deal with certain patients of yours...namely, the ones without funding who think you owe them everything free lol!!!!! Yesterday, I had so much work to do, and this one nurse would NOT stop griping about how this pt needed help blah blah blah and i needed to find her insurance. well, she has so many medical issues that the hospital is going to foot the bill for everything she needs done.
  • cmosv- did you say anything to him? I would have, and would take great pleasure in doing so. What a jerk!

    I'm lucky at my job because I work independently from everyone else, and I don't have to interact with many other employees. So I don't have to worry about someone not getting their work done, and me having to pick up the slack. My coworkers annoy me with their personal weirdnesses, like the woman who sits next to me and is the most awkward lady ever, and uses phrases like "I will admit" and "Well I was gonna say" before every single sentence. I could go on and on about her. Then there are the people with the most annoying desk phone ring tones ever. I've emailed supervisors before to ask them to get whoever that ring belongs to to turn it down!! None of that is very dramatic I guess, but those little things adds up and annoy me pretty often.

  • Lauren - a job with little interaction with others? That sounds like the perfect job!

    Yes I've spoken to him and my manager about it, no one cares and nothing gets done about it. Everyone in the enitre building knows about it also. It's like a big joke that I'm the only one who gets anything done. It's one of those things I battled with and tried to correct for a couple of years, I've given up now.

  • That would drive me insane if I complained about it and no one cared. How awful! In that case, I'd probably find ways to verbally remind him of what a waste of space he was every single day. Or just give him some of my own work and ask him to do it.

    Come to think of it, is that an option at all? Two of my co-workers work as a team on their account, but E does way more work than M. So once in a while, E will just point blank ask M to do some of her work, so that they're more even. M always says sure and does it with no problem.

    At any rate, that sucks :(

  • I'm like Lauren.... people's personal quarks irritate me.  Like the coughing woman in my office.  She also loves to start a convo & talk OVER you when you respond.  Then I have a supervisor who likes to pawn things off on people.  Someone will ask him to do something that would take him a minute to do, but he sends them to me.  And I actually don't have the access to do what they want, so back they go to him!  He's actually a really nice guy, but that just irritates the crap outta me. 
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