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Horrible, yes. But I have to share

So without going into too much detail. I had the pleasure of putting together someone's wedding invitation order at work & to my astonishment they are actually putting at the bottom of the invitation detailed dress requirements for their guests colors and all. I can understand putting formal or semi formal attire, but detailed requirements for each sex, I'm just floored. Hey it's their wedding I just place the order

Re: Horrible, yes. But I have to share

  • WOW! Talk about controlling! Is it at least some like "wear all white" or something like that??

    I love my crazy child!

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  • I wonder if they actually think people are going to follow that?? I wouldnt just to be a biotch lol no one tells me what to wear unless you are paying me.
  • oh my gosh! How did they word it?
  • EW! Were you guys allowed at all to offer constructive criticism/advice and try to persuade the psycho not to do that? That is too crazy.
  • I offered a few suggestions, but she is very set on how she wants it.  At first it was males & females, then I suggested she put ladies & gentlemen.  That's it, I didn't want to upset them & lose the sale.


    But it was something like Ladies: Spring attire and colors (she listed several colors) Gentlemen: tan slacks, white collared shirt,no tie required.  There was more wording to it, but like I said not to go into too much detail 

    It was just very, out there.  If I see her again after the wedding I'll be sure to ask her how everything worked out with her guests Super Angry 

  • That's very odd.
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