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Started to go to the SSA and MVA, but...

made breakfast instead.

I seriously can't figure out why this name change is such a physical struggle for me! I keep delaying and delaying. Mentally, I am there I just can't get there!

So help me please, in MD do I go to SSA first and then MVA?

Re: Started to go to the SSA and MVA, but...

  • I did MVA, then SSA. In fact, I only did MVA, and then sent DH to the SSA office with my paperwork to do my SS update for me (he worked 2 blocks from the office). So if you're looking for a little motivation, maybe only having to do one of the steps might do it. Get your license changed and then tell DH you did your half of the work, he has to to his half at the SSA.

    Just a thought....

  • Are you sure you want to do it?
  • Glad to hear I'm not the only slacker who hasn't done this yet.  I keep finding excuses too-
  • I went to SSA first...  there's an office in Wheaton, right behind the mall (next door to Checkers...)  SSA seriously only took me like 15 minutes.  I would recommend going on a day like tomorrow... it's new year's eve - most people won't be thinking about getting their name changed, and you should be in & out!
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  • I did my SS name change through the mail because I did not feel like dealing with the office. it only took two weeks for me to get the new card and there was no hassle involved. I went to MVA without my new SS card and just showed by marriage license and they changed it. But I live in VA.
  • Oh, I hear ya - I had a hard time with it, too.  Logistically, I went to the SSA then the MVA (I didn't know you could do it in reverse, actually), and it really wasn't bad at all - I think I spent about 20 minutes at the SSA and 20 minutes at the MVA.  So easy. 

    Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with it - ditto Soprano, are you sure you're okay with doing it?  I know it took me a while to get there.

  • Yes I am good with changing my name, it's just that we both have uber generic last names, and for work I would like to continue to use my maiden name, so like you alg I am going to go with:

    First Middle Maiden Married - it just sounds weird, but I guess in 10 years it will be mine and not so weird.

  • Luky- I'm doing the same thing as you- First Middle Maiden Married.  Just taking the time off to go  to SSA and then the DMV is a pain in my butt.
  • I did MVA first b/c it was the biggest pain, easy but LINES! SSA was EASY! I just filled it and and presto!
  • Cheers to another --First Middle Maiden Married person !!  I did this as well and I think it was the best decision ever!!.  Just beware for MD drivers license's they are a "full name state"  so my new name goes all the way across the license... ha ha!  But the bonus is/was I didn't change any names on my credit cards (one less hassle to deal with) since I have both my maiden and married name on my ID I can use both my married name and maiden name credit cards without a problem.

    The SS office I went to was in Rockville kinda hidden in a building across from a Chinese market .. if I remember correctly.  Then I hit up the MVA off of Clopper Rd (I think thats where it's at Huh? )  HTH!!!

  • I just changed my name at SSA. What happens if I don't change my name at the MVA right away? I read on the MVA site that you have to notify them within 30 days of the name change. But I don't want to change my records with them yet because I'm about to move to a new place and I don't know my new address will be. I just don't want to have to go to the MVA twice!
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