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POTUS DJT's Speech before Congress...

I watched it about 2 hours after it was live and I did not want to watch it, but it was more of a morbid curiosity, because I thought I ought to since it is his first one. I thought I would cringe. But I did not, in fact, he did really well and was actually, dare I say it? Presidential.

The opening remarks were a condemnation of the vandalism on the Jewish cemetery and the shootings of the Indian men. It was here that his language about unity and working together began and this was a consistent thread throughout the entire speech. Unity and working together. He blatantly asked the Republicans and Democrats to work together.

What was interesting was that I expected a lot of it to be his desires and ideas for moving forward, those existed in the speech; however, a lot of the talk was about things already accomplished and in the works currently.

For example, he has met with many large American companies and has asked them to keep jobs in the US. And they are. Ford. Chevy. Walmart. Harley Davidson. In addition it sounds like he is coordinating with Canada to create a joint program to help women entrepreneurs. He's mandated at for every new regulation, two must be eliminated. He hopes that this will get new and better drugs and treatments through the FDA so the American public can benefit. His plan is to model our immigration system off of that of Canada and Australia, which both use a merit based system.

He asked Congress to confirm his SCOTUS choice. And to pass legislation for $1T of funds to go towards infrastructure updates, which will also create jobs.

I learned the ACA in in collapse in KY and saw a 160% cost increase in 2016 alone. He wants to repeal and replace it with an open market whereby people can buy health insurance across state lines.

Also, he has zeroed in on the taxes and tariffs other nations charge us for our goods in their countries. For example, Harley Davidson gets charged a 100% tax on their goods in a certain nation (Trump didn't say which, and likely could not reveal its name). Trump wants to use taxes and tariffs here too so that America can benefit and not be taken advantage of.

He aligned the US with Israel.

He also aligned the US with our Muslim allies to fight ISIS.

He wants military contracts to get renegotiated to save money and he also has our international partners who were not paying their share of agreement dues for 10+ years to finally pay up.

There was talk of borders, immigration, and security as well as the start-up of a new support group for Americans who have lost loved ones to violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

What stole the night was his tribute to Navy Seal Owens and his wife. S/he received 2 minutes and 11 seconds of applause. Very moving.

Did anybody else watch? Take-aways?

Re: POTUS DJT's Speech before Congress...

  • I watched maybe the last half.  Yes he was more Presidential but was also just reading off a TelePrompTer. And it was a bit awkward. But definitely a step in the right direction. 

    He said a lot of things but I doubt all of them will happen. Cutting taxes while spending a trillion on infrastructure?  How's he paying for that?  Billions for the military by cutting domestic programs and foreign aid?  Terrible idea.

    the widow tribute made me uncomfortable for her. His clapping on mike was weird. 

    The regulation thing?  What's to say the new regulation just includes what the two old ones said?  
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