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TTC/3T Check-in

Where are you at in your TTC journey? 

Any testing coming up?

Anything good or bad happening? (TTC wise or just in life..)

FFC/AW of the Week (no rules):

TTC since 3/2012 
DH - 36; nml swimmers; Me - 36; almost no AMH (last 0.081), low AFC, nml FSH/LH
Clomid + IUI #1 (6/2013) - BFN; #2 (7/2013) - BFFN
IVF 1.0 5R/5F/2T (ET 6/11/2014) - no frosties, but BFP 8dp5dt (EDD 3/1/2015) 
Lost our sweet baby boy, Lincoln Alexander 10/3/2014 (19w)
IVF 2.0 - ER 3/25/2015 - 3R ZERO mature.
Ovaries are done...
DE IVF ER - 12/2/2016 (17R/10F = 8 frosties); FET 1.0 (1/27/2017) - BFP 6dp5dt (EDD 10/16/2017)

Re: TTC/3T Check-in

  • AF should start sometime within the week.  Haven't really been tracking but as soon as it starts I can call my OB and schedule the CD 21 Progesterone test.

    Had a lonely dream last night that DD started middle school - shes in K.  After she got on the bus I realized that I had no younger children and everyone else still did.  Made me realize we have to have another even if its thru adoption.  I will regret it so bad if we don't.

    Also I gave up FB for a week - I'm sick of all the politics.
  • ^^I am sick of politics too.  It's making me both angry and sad, and I've thought about stepping away from Facebook as well.  I already hear enough on CNN and at work, and FB posts are actually making me anxious.

    Nothing new here.  
    Formerly iloveredvino.

    Started TTC in 2010, dx PCOS
    August 2012 - baby boy born still
    IUIs and IVF blah blah blah
    IVF #1 - miscarriage
    FET#1 - BFN
    FET#2 - BFN
    IVF#2 - froze all embryos for genetic testing
    FET#1 Round 2 - Baby Boy born in 2015
    FET#2 Round 2 - CP/BFN
    Started the domestic infant adoption process - Oct 2016

  • @ilovewhitevinotoo- I think it's part of my control freak thing right now after our loss.  I can control my outlook on life and I don't want politics to be it.  I've tried hiding all political websites that pop up on my feed and it's not working like I would want it too.  So far giving it up is not as hard as I thought it would be.  I thought I would have major withdrawals since I've been on it since 2008! I just have this opinion that its not as bad they make it seem like on FB  also I don't want my mind to be controlled thru news outlets so I guess I'm one of those fake news people.  So I'm spending much more time on Instagram where there are no politics or sad stories.
  • Where are you at in your TTC journey? 
    Cycle 4, 3 cycles after my MC

    Any testing coming up?
    Nope, waiting to ovulate. Only sticks I am peeing on are OPKs

    Anything good or bad happening? (TTC wise or just in life..)

    My body is playing games with me and being weird. I had a short period, my boobs hurt, I keep having cramping and I still 6 days away from O. So I don't know what is going on. Definitely not pregnant though, I have taken a few hpts just to confirm.

    FFC/AW of the Week (no rules):

    Two co-workers are going on maternity leave this week and I have to pick up a least 25% of their responsibilities. FML.
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • My flow just started today - yes!  not sure why I'm excited but I can finally get that progesterone tested the week of Feb. 20th. This will be our 8th cycle of TTC not counting Dec since that wasthe pregnancy with our loss.  For my sanity we are going to NTNP for the remaining 4 months of the year because sex is much better when it's not perfectly timed.
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