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Trump's taxes

Any thoughts, comments, etc?

Re: Trump's taxes

  • I could care less about his taxes.  What I care more about right now are the issues affecting our country in this current moment, but no lets talk about Trumps taxes, being racist.  Also hilary's cough, pneumonia, bill's infidelity because apparently those matter more.
  • While I don't disagree with you about talking about the issues, I think the fact that he likely doesn't pay anything in federal income taxes and yet complains about the 50% of Americans who don't pay income taxes is an issue. He calls them deadbeats and lazy. But when he avoids taxes, calls it smart. If he were smart, he would be saying we need to fix the tax code because I make all this money and don't pay a dime. 
  • I find the risk in publishing them (possible jail time) to be interesting.

    Reminds me of the John Oliver where he laments that real news is being phased out with decrease in print papers.  For a reputable paper to take that kind of risk there is some newsworthiness attached to it in my opinion.


  • as self employed people we take every deduction we can to avoid paying as much as we would in taxes.
  • As well you should. It would be stupid not to. BUT you are not running for President, haven't insulted the 50% who don't pay income taxes because they take advantage of the tax code just like you, and haven't proclaimed to be a hugely talented business man but claimed a 916,000,000 loss. 
  • I commented about this over on the MM board.  I don't blame Trump and don't think he did anything wrong for taking whatever deductions he can and, apparently, paying zero federal taxes.

    However, I do find it VERY concerning that one of the richest men in the world was ABLE to legally pay no taxes.  I know we have a messed up and too complicated tax system in the U.S.  But when that kind of thing can happen?  It's time to get out the pitchforks.

    It does make me less likely to vote for him...as if that were even possible...because his gloating about it shows he likes our current tax system JUST FINE and dandy...the unfair and crazy way it is.

  • I know I do agree with you but I guess I'm just done with this election.  Nothing seems to matter either way.  You can also go on the other side and look at hilary who got off that email scandal.  They both seem to be above it all.
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