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She's stares hard, but has a BF

Is she bored and just flirting or she's really flirting?

Didn't really notice this girl until I caught her staring a few times. Basically first day of class, I went to take a seat and somehow with my peripheral vision I noticed someone who kept looking at my direction.

Funny thing is, when I catch her staring, she just smile and keeps on starring. Doesn't look away like most girls do.

She would also go out of her way to walk by me a few times. Like I'm sitting in the back row in class on the right side.  She sits in the front row on the left side. So that's a long walk to her seat.

Only reason I know she has a BF is while walking to our cars, I noticed a guy pulling up to the front, walked out and was holding flowers and gave it to her.

So yeah, I'm confused.

One other occasion that tripped me out was she was talking to a classmate while I was talking to class. When she noticed me, she completely stopped talking to the guy and just started staring at me. Like she just ended the conversation and just stared and smiled.  The guy she was talking then turned around to see what she was looking at.

When got to class. I was sitting in the back with that guy.  Later, she would move her seat and sat next to the same guy.  I'm on the right, he's in the middle and she's on the far left.  Every now and then, she would just stare at me while chatting with the guy. Again, the guy would be like, what u looking at and turn to my direction and look at me to.  lol

Re: She's stares hard, but has a BF

  • There's no confirmation she is taken with this "BF" of hers.

    Like her? ask her out.

    Yep, on a real date. No hooking up: a date.

     If she says no, there's your answer. Be gracious and move on; she's not for you.

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