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Towel Laundering Question

chraronchraron member
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edited April 2016 in Cleaning & Organizing

Hi all -

Wondering what everyone does to wash their towels.  At my home, we try not using paper towels or Clorox wipes whenever we can, so we go through a lot of towels to clean, dry dishes, dry hands.   We have bath towels, bathroom hand towels, kitchen hand towels / tea towels, cotton dish drying towels, and microfiber cleaning cloths (used to wipe down bathroom counters, dust, clean toilet).  We do use cleaning products (ie. comet, fantastik, scrubbing bubbles, windex, etc) to clean with sometime, so this stuff may be left on some of the towels too.

While we have different towels for different purposes, generally, I take all of these towels and run them together on a sanitary wash cycle.  We don't have very many white towels, so we don't use bleach.  However, I've been reading on other online communities that people separate out their towels.  What are the pros/cons of washing all towels together?  Does the sanitary cycle prevent kitchen germs, toilet germs, and toxic cleaning chemicals from permeating the entire load?

Re: Towel Laundering Question

  • I would probably wash any towels used with cleaning products separately, but mainly because I can have sensitivity to certain chemicals. This way I don't have the cleaning chemicals touching my skin, especially when drying off after a shower.

    Also don't use fabric softner, it coats the fabric fibers to make them soft, but that coating prevents them from being as absorbent.

  • I usually throw them all together. The only exception is if I'm running short on rags/kitchen towels and don't need to run a load of bath towels yet - then I'll just run a mini load. Every few washes I separate out the whites to give them a bleach, but I'm too lazy to do that every time! 
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