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Pros and Cons of Spaying Rabbit?

Hi all!

My beloved bunny has just had her first vet visit and we, of course, discussed the pros and cons of spaying. She is 8 months old, healthy, happy, and well behaved despite never having been spayed.

From talking with the vet, he told me the pros of spaying were birth control (not a problem as we don't plan on ever having another bunny), behavior problems which he doesn't think is a problem for our baby since she hasn't exhibited any aggression even now, and basically eliminating the risk of cancer. The cons he provided went on with the risks of the surgery, including possible death, adverse reactions to the anesthesia, chewing or splitting of the stitches which he thinks my bunny may have a problem with, a slow recovery time and the stress causing her to stop eating. He still recommends spaying although he did reiterate that it would mostly be to prevent cancer and that the risk of cancer in bunnies are about the same as the risk of cancer in people.

From talking with the vet, I'm very conflicted. I obviously don't want my bunny to get cancer but the list of cons and risks he gave was so long and scary and I don't want to risk those either. Just from speaking with the vet and getting his professional opinions along with risk factors, I'm leaning towards not risking the surgery but again, cancer also doesn't sound pleasant and I definitely don't want her to get that either!

So, for all of you who have had or currently have bunny rabbits, did you get your bunnies fixed and what are your pros and cons?
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