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Help with outdoor decorating, design or landscaping

How would you design, decorate or put landscaping in this outdoor space around this home??
I'm looking for recommendations. The home is in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. We're thinking about hiring someone to treat the grass/destroy the weeds, repainting and repairing the swingset to match the shed and putting bushes or shrubbery out front to hide the utility meter.
What would you do??? Have fun!!  Thanks!

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Re: Help with outdoor decorating, design or landscaping

  • For the front of the house I would first start off by putting in some of a border around that small section. Either something that stands out or something that is more to the ground & blends in like it appears on the other side. The reason for this is so that when it rains, you won't end up with dirt all over the driveway. I would then find some sort of bush to plant in front of the gas meter. I would go for something that blooms or if it would work in the area a burning bush or forsythia (sp?) would work well. They grow fast. You may need two, of if you are patient, one centered in that area. Make sure to plant it a bit away from the house for the roots & also so it is still easy for the gas company to read the meter. That is why I didn't suggest an evergreen. Even though they keep their green all year, they get big & dense & could block the meter. Plus if you ever want to rip it out, they are a pain to rip out.   I would look into hostas or a small grass that would come back year after year with minimal work (you would have to divide them up every few years to maintain small size). The grasses could be planted also between the existing bushes to provide contrast.
  • For along the walkway in the back, some rose bushes would be nice & provide different colors and a nice scent for when you enter into the backyard and the sizes of those can be easily maintained & they aren't a ton of work. If you would prefer bushes, check out miniature butterfly bushes and miniature lilac bushes. They will also provide nice color (at different times) and due to being miniature, will take a long time to grow before you need to do anything to them.
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    Hi there, why don't you add a deck to your beautiful lawn. It will add a great aesthetic value to your home while also increasing its resale value and can offer you the best deals while selling your house. Get it done by some good deck builder at Fairfax VA or any locality near by you. The deck can serve as a great place for Christmas party or any other event.

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