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Keeping busy

Thinking about getting a second job and wondering if it's unfair to DH.  To explain, I'm in grad school, and have decided not to take any classes this summer.  Not because I want a break but the required courses I still need aren't offered in the summer and the electives don't look appealing.  While I've been working full time and taking classes at night, DH has stepped up and covered most of the household responsibilities.  He does most of the cooking, all of the dishes, and helps with the laundry and other cleaning.  We talked at length about my decision not to take a class this summer and he was all for it.  The thought of a break and a little relaxation is so appealing, but I have started thinking about picking up a little side job for the summer to help pay down some debt, while I have the extra time.  I'm not one to let grass grow under my feet, and I think we would both breathe a little easier with less debt, but this means he would still be covering most of the household duties while I am out.  I think he looking forward to more sharing of duties so we both get more free time, and also spending more time together, without papers looming and study groups calling.  Is it unfair to him for me to pick up a part-time job for the summer?  

Re: Keeping busy

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    That is a tough question.  If I were your husband, I personally would rather you didn't take on a part time job and spent the time with me and helping with household duties, but that is me.  Your husband might think differently.  I currently stay at home with the kids and it can be very hard.  Sometimes you can't put a price on having someone to share in the household duties as well as the companionship.  

    I just know I wouldn't care how much extra money my husband would be bringing in, I need him home.
  • Have you asked him?
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  • If it were me, I would talk to my H about this and see where he stands on it.  And, unless you all are in fairly dire financial straits, I would probably bend toward whatever his preference is.

    You sound like a serious workaholic :)!  I'm not saying that in a mean or snarky way.  But if I were in the same situation, I'd be thrilled to JUST have a f/t job to worry about for the summer and take a bit of a break from the usual very hectic pace.

  • What if he took on a part time job and you stayed at home and gave him a break from all the house work ?  Could you do that ?  This way he can bring in some extra money to help with debt and he also gets a break from the house.
  • Think about how much you need the money, especially if you're going to have to quit in the fall to go back to school. While the summer schedule doesn't sound good, but a break does, how does the idea of graduating later work? Just a thought, if you took something this summer would you be done any earlier and have more time for yourself later on?
  • Option 1 - you pick up part time job & help with financial responsibilities and reduce debt, but hubby's day to day work load stays the same

    Option 2 - you don't pick up part time job, which would free you up to help out with more of the day to day responsibilities around the house, lightening up the load for your hubby. With hubby not having to do as much at home, he would have more free time since work is done, which then could turn into more time the two of you can spend together doing fun things, even if just for a few months

    You need to talk to to hubby about the pros and cons of each option and decide which is more important to both of you. Each option has pros and cons, and neither of them is wrong, as long as you both talk it out and figure out what works best for you two.
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