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When did you get your baby on a schedule?

DD is only 2 months old.  I personally think she's too young to be on a schedule.  I was having lunch with some co-workers the other day, and they made it seem like I am doing something wrong, because she's not on a schedule?

So just curious when did you get your baby on some sort of schedule.  

Re: When did you get your baby on a schedule?

  • At 2 months.  However, it sort of clicked with her around that time and I just didn't interrupt it.  So she started napping at the same time every day, for about the same amount of time.

    Feedings really weren't a schedule until closer to 5 or 6 months and the sitter did that.

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  • We never really did a schedule. We just followed his cues.

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  • edited February 2016
    We didn't consciously make a schedule, but almost fell into it. They are mainly still on breast milk, so we really still feed when they want to eat. Loosely, they wake at 5am to eat a bottle, 7amish for the day, oatmeal at 9am, naps between 930/10-whenever (each baby sleeps longer), solids at noon, oatmeal again at 5pm, bottle at 545 and bed at 6. They have bottles every 3-4 hours in between. ETA- and they both nap sometime in the afternoon, usually going down around 2.
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  • DS is 3 months. I'd say we have a loose routine but it changes often. I had a similar conversation recently with some older ladies at church. They kept telling me I need to get him on a schedule and I started wondering if I'm doing it all wrong...

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  • DS is 3 months. I'd say we have a loose routine but it changes often. I had a similar conversation recently with some older ladies at church. They kept telling me I need to get him on a schedule and I started wondering if I'm doing it all wrong...
    I don't think there's a right or wrong here, do what works for you. DD is 3 months tomorrow, she has a rough schedule, but for the most part I know she needs 3-4 decent naps a day and eats every 2-3 hours, if we do those things everything is mostly good, and when we get off of that she'll be cranky. 
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  • Thank you all for your replies.  I am glad to see I'm not crazy for just following her cues vs. having a schedule, especially at 2 months old.  
  • We have a dinner and bedtime schedule, but during the day, he sleeps when he is tired and eats when he is hungry. He is 8 months. His daycare center gets toddlers on a more structured schedule once they are one. We will follow their lead.
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  • @iloveredvino that's exactly what we do.  Day time I follow her cues.  Night time we have a routine/schedule.  

  • Schedule? Nope. We follow her cues. The most schedule she has is we now cry it out if she wakes less than 3-4 hours at night because she was feeding every 30-60 minutes until 6 months.
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