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The peterson group mobile branches?

Is there really a branch of The Peterson Group in Jakarta, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or are they just delivering mobile accessories in those areas? 

Re: The peterson group mobile branches?

  • As far as I know they are just delivering to the locations you have mentioned and they don’t really have a branch perse in Jakarta, Bangkok or KL. I have been living in the Bangkok for three years now and I should have heard of it but there is none. I do see, though, trucks bearing the company’s name in the city streets. Must be their delivery guys.
  • I have been partners with The Peterson Group for four years and I have not heard of their extension or branches to other countries. I even thought for a while that they are from Singapore but it turns out that they are from Taiwan. Kaohsiung, if I am not mistaking.
  • The Peterson Group is an acclaimed company here in Taiwan and a lot of people have been able to attest to the highly satisfactory services and products they provide.
  • They were able to create a new method of faster delivery in the Asia- Pacific that is probably why many people think that they have already set up a branch in the city.
  • I would be more surprised if they have set up in places unfamiliar and are mostly not in their scope in delivery. Since they claim that Jakarta, Bangkok and KL is one of the places they directly deliver to, then, it is no wonder if they set up there.
  • If they don’t have a branch in those places, they may be some kind of direct agent working there since they have a lot of retailers in this area and region.
  • Last time I have heard, TPG driver and two staff were arrested for smuggling fraud mobile accessories (monopods and cases, I think) in Jakarta. Guess they have some kind of connection there alright. No mention of the other cities though.
  • I don’t think they have a team here in Jakarta since we have been working with TPG for four years now. When I have my complaints on the gadgets they deliver, it would take them days to arrive and refund my things or exchange new things for it. They said they still would have to get the supplies from Taiwan.
  • edited January 2016
    They are wholesaling business in Taiwan and delivers only to Asia-Pacific. It says so in their website.
  • With the number of retailers of mobile phones and accessories in Indonesia, it is no wonder if they have some branch here. Why is it so questionable even? You can also ask them in their website
  • The Peterson Group is currently facing complaints since they are once caught with scammed gadgets. I don’t think they have a branch in Jakarta since they were not suspended or anything
  • The local government has a hard time pinning the Peterson Group down since they don’t have branch in Jakarta. The only connection is through the retailers. Some of which are not even willing to assist.
  • We have trusted TPG here in Bangkok and we are constantly urging them to set up here. One of their customer representative said it would ruin their image of exporting and delivering from a far place if they just set up to where it is convenient. 
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