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No Response from Mortgage Company?? Is this Typical?

Hello, everyone,

Last time I posted here, I was running right up against our appraisal deadline, and I could not get a hold of our mortgage officer. Finally, I ended up calling the company's main line, and asking for his boss, who immediately pulled up the appraisal and got things moving. Since then, I've had almost no contact with our mortgage officer, because he just won't respond... I've been working primarily with his boss. Now, all of the sudden, I can't get a hold of his boss either. Neither our first guy, or his boss will respond to texts, phone calls, voicemail, or emails, and it's been a week. I would really like a solid number on what our closing costs are going to be (closing in less than 2 weeks now) and I'd like to know what the next steps in the process are, and when they think our next bit of paperwork will be needed. About 2 weeks ago, our mortgage officer told me that we'd probably need more paperwork, that it would be easy stuff, but that he didn't know what it was quite yet. I still have no idea what we need to send them...

My question is this: Is it typical to go this long without being able to get a hold of anyone? I know that where I work, if I had a client go a week having phone calls returned, we'd have hell to pay, and I just kind of feel like hundreds of thousands of dollars should entitle me to someone at least returning a voicemail or email. I'd be ok even with a text saying, hey, we're working on it, I'll give you a call as soon as I know more. At least then I'd know they haven't lost our paperwork or something...

Thanks, all!!

Re: No Response from Mortgage Company?? Is this Typical?

  • While it would be nice to have a response back, to some degree, I think your expectations are somewhat out of line with how this process works.

    The mortgage processor doesn't know what paperwork you may need because it will depend on if/what the underwriters ask for.  If they don't ask for anything, you don't have to worry about it.  Other times they'll ask for things like updated bank statements, paystubs, etc.

    As for the closing costs, you won't have a concrete number until usually within a day or two of closing.  In my case, that number has always come from the title company or closing attorney.

    From the history of your emails, you really need to learn how to hurry up and wait.  You've probably annoyed the crap out of this guy and his boss and that's probably why they've stopped responding.  You're not the only mortgage they're working on and I promise you that you're probably not the largest of them.  When they need something, they'll be in touch.

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  • I agree they should at least respond with...even an e-mail...that they are still waiting to hear x,y,z.  But @jtmh2012 is probably right.  They just may not have any new info for you yet and so they aren't responding.  I'm not saying its okay, but some people are like that.

    @jtmh2012 is also right that you will not receive your final closing amount and information until 1-2 days before closing.  Heck, on the last house I bought, they didn't provide me with that until 1 HOUR before closing.  I kid you not.  In fact, I was going to get the cashier's check on my lunch hour... but they were so late getting the info to me that I had to stop at my bank on the way to closing.

    Do you know who your title company is?  Usually the closing info/amount comes from them.

  • It could depend on the company too, I went with a place that has a smaller local office and they responded to me within a day for anything. Early in the process I was freaking out half the time, but they sent me little form "here is where you're at in the process" emails. I got my closing documents right before Christmas and I close tomorrow. You should have had an estimated quote in the original loan documentation. Try contacting your realtor if you aren't hearing back, sometimes they have helpful tips on what you can do next. 

    I'm responding a week after your post, so hopefully if you haven't heard anything since you hear something today. I'm sure holidays messed with things a bit.  
  • Recently my friend bought mortgage loan from the Nevada & he got the final approval from the company after 1 month. So It may not typical. You can directly ask to the mortgage company for your answer.
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