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Friday Randoms/Confessions

Re: Friday Randoms/Confessions

  • I put countless hours into getting label copy (signs) written and ready for all of our rail stock outside, 31 in all. These are informational signs about each individual piece, and was a project that was a long time in the making. In order to make them as accurate as possible I tried to enlist the local chapter of the National Railway Historical Society and the N&W Historical Society to help me by proofreading them. I got a little feedback from NWHS but none from NRHS despite multiple requests. Long story short, the signs were put up in time for our big Christmas event this past weekend and a couple of the guys from the NRHS had the audacity to tell me there were errors. I nearly punched one of those guys, and I very angrily said to him "THIS IS WHY I ASKED YOU FOR PROOFREADING HELP!!!!!"

    It's been almost a week and I'm still annoyed.
  • You know that show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant? Apparently it really does happen in real life because when I went to the theatre this afternoon the whole cast was abuzz about another local theatre person who did a show last night, complained of bad belly pains, was taken to the hospital, and delivered a 4 lb. some-odd ounce healthy baby! So wild!
  • I've watched 6 seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix since Thanksgiving.
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