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SYBG: Paper Towns comparisons?

Am I the only one who felt like this was almost the same plot as Paper Towns by John Green?  I couldn't shake that feeling through the whole book.  In this case Emily and Sloane were actually friends as opposed to just that one crazy night in Paper Towns, but still - super cool friend disappears, and the not-so-outgoing one left behind has to make some new friends and come out of her/his shell and undertake a challenge in order to find the disappeared.  I don't know, it was on my mind through the whole book.

Re: SYBG: Paper Towns comparisons?

  • I can see the comparison now that you mention it, but I didn't think about it while reading.  I remember HATING Margot (?) while reading Paper Towns, but I didn't really hate Sloane.  I didn't get her, but I didn't hate her.
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  • This didn't even come to mind....but now that you mention it I can see similarities. I remember thinking in Paper Towns that she was more disturbed... and playing games like come find me. While I feel like Sloane even from the start was more for her friend.

  • Didn't Margo in Paper Towns not even want to be found?  Maybe Sloane didn't want to be found either, though.  Like, because she was embarrassed by her parents and their irresponsible financial situation.  In neither case was the point of the challenge that it would lead to the other person, but in both cases the person left behind felt that way, anyway.

    I don't know - I'm not saying it was exactly the same, but I couldn't escape the comparison.

    Sloane seemed like a shitty friend, though.  I'm hung up on the asshole boyfriend that treated Emily like crap and would take Sloane away leaving Emily alone at the movies or wherever.  But Sloane stayed with him and was just blind to the way he acted toward her supposed best friend.
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