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I scheduled my anatomy scan today. It's not for another six weeks yet, but I feel like shit just got real. The idea of registering is completely overwhelming me right now... I don't even know where to start. Like what do I even need? Can I stalk some registries of you ladies?

I bought a play mat, rock n play, and bouncy chair off of my work's classifieds, but that is pretty much all I have. Do people register for things like cribs and car seats and other big stuff like that?
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Re: Registries

  • I pretty used my registry as a checklist and a reminder list for me, not so much for other people to use. I kept ideas of cribs, car seats, bf supplies, etc and would refer back to the list when I needed to.

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  • I put every thing on my registry. I tried to have a variety of prices. Sometimes family members want to chip in and purchase a crib or the travel system or something like that, and hey 10% off coupon makes it worth it to put anything on there! :)

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  • I'm sure that I'm in the minority, because I was shocked, but I got like two gifts off my registry. Everyone bought us clothes, made blankets, books, etc. Literally- we got the Kick n Play Piano and the mobile off our registry and that might be it.

    I used it as a checklist. More for myself than anyone else... So I did have basics on there. The only thing I didn't put on there was nursing stuff because I felt like that was really personal.
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  • When we created our Babies R Us registry, we were provided with a print out of what we need and what we might want.  Of course keep in mind, the store is also trying to make money, but it was helpful.

    Also, don't feel bad you're not sure where to start.  I went back to the store twice to complete the registry, and also added some things online while at home.  Its not a guarantee you will receive things from the registry, so register for anything you want, and anything you will not receive, you can use your completion coupon at the end. 

    I am assuming all states are the same, you can also use Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons at Babies R Us, as long as they are not expired, on top of your completion coupon.  Sign up for the rewards, and start earning points towards more coupons.

    Sorry, went way off topic here! 

  • I put everything on it.  That was a big pro to being team green though.  We received a lot of stuff that was on our registry.  I think it was because people didn't know whether to buy boy or girl clothes, so they went with basic necessities.  

    Here are some things we put on there that we were thankful to have.
    - Travel system
    - Extra car seat base
    - Muslin nursing cover
    - hands free nursing bra
    - lanolin
    - Up and Up brand breastmilk bags (wish I would have asked for more of these)
    - Rock n play
    - Pack n play
    - Kick n play piano mat
    - Jumperoo
    - Swaddles
    - Aiden and Anis blankets
    - bottle brushes
    - bottle drying rack (got the grass looking one with a couple flowers to put the small parts on)
    - 2 different types of bottles 
    - bibs
    - burp clothes (wish I would have registered for more)
    - Boppy pillow and extra cover.  Wish I would have registered for 2 pillows, but we have a 2 story house.  I kept 1 on each level, but didn't realize how much of a pain it was till we were home.
    - diapers and lots of them (pampers swaddlers) We switched to cloth at 3 months.
    - wipes
    - diaper genie and refills (didn't know we would switch to cloth)
    - swing
    - gripe water
    - tylenol
    - temporal thermometer (so worth it)

    I probably could have gotten away with not putting any blankets or white onsies on there.  We received more than we would ever use.
    I think my registries are still up.  Feel free to search them.  They're at Target and BRU.

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  • I put the big items for two reasons: Groups could go together to get the big ticket items we wanted or so that I could use the 15% discount that Target sent out about a month before our due date. (For the crib, they had some sale where you got a $20 gc if you bought off the registry, or something like that)

    I went to BRU with a friend before we actually registered and it helped to look through their magazine to see what they recommended.  Of course, it was way more than you'll ever really need. 

    Things I couldn't live without:
    Boon Grass Drying Rack (and a couple of flowers/tree branches)
    Diapers in sizes other than newborn
    Graco Little Lounger
    Snugabunny Swing
    Floor playmat
    bouncer chair

    Things I bought within the first two weeks home:
    Dr. Brown's formula mixing pitcher
    Moby Wrap Carrier
    Gripe Water
    baby bottles

    Baby Boy born 5.3.15

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