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Weekend reading?

I don't want to step on any toes by posting this, but we didn't do a WAYR on Friday, and no one has posted one today, so here I am.

What is everyone reading?  How do you like it?
How was everyone's weekend, anything exciting happen?

Re: Weekend reading?

  • I read a little more of The Alchemist's Daughter by Mary Lawrence. I'm also in the middle of Religion and the Decline of Magic but Keith Thomas but that sucker is weighty so I need to take breaks lest I get bogged down.

    Nothing remarkable. Went to a retirement party on Friday night and it was...different. Way too much down time. 
  • I'm still reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, and I love it.  Not at all what I was expecting, but really good.  I'm so intrigued with the story!

    I'm listening to The Boston Girl by Anita Dimant.  I'm only on disc 2/7, and the plot is maybe a little slow so far, but not bad.  The narrator is great, though.

    We had a boring weekend.  Haircuts for the kids, breakfast with the ILs, and that was about it.
  • I read a little bit of "The Beginning of Everything", I started off really well so I'm hopeful to close it out this week. It's getting better, at first the main character was too entitled for me, but I think that's the point as I keep going.

    Had a surprise meet up with one of my best friends from college and we went out for a short time with some of H's Army buddies. Overall it was pretty fun but the weekend went by way to fast as it always does.
  • I am half dead with exhaustion and forgot to post!  Thanks for remembering!  I had early Thanksgiving with @jackiback and family and then went to Pennsylvania to see my niece and nephews for an afternoon.  I wore myself out and crashed in a random hotel in Virginia last night and got up early to drive the rest of the way home for work.  And I had enough fun that the whole thing was totally worth it.

    I didn't, however, read.  I managed to get in the last twenty or so pages of Carry On last night at the hotel (it was good, but I wasn't obsessed like everyone else is) and I listened to part of Since You've Been Gone as I drove, but overall it added up to almost nothing.  
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  • I had a 15% off coupon for B&N and ended up buying Since You've Been Gone for under $10. I meant to post if anyone was looking to buy it...sorry!

  • I finished 'The Lake House' over the weekend and started 'Degrees of Inequality' and 'The Christmas Token'.

    DD was sick on Saturday and DH was gone on Sunday so my weekend was not super fun.
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  • I finished up "The Rest of Us Just Live Here" by Patrick Ness, and read all of "Since You've Been Gone". 

    The Ness book I liked, but it wasn't his best. I can't decide about SYBG. 
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  • I read (and finished last night) After You.  I enjoyed it but the beginning of the book was slow for me, I didn't really get into until half way through.  I gave is 3*, I didn't love it like Me Before You. 

    Another super busy weekend, as always.  Friday night we had our end of the year baseball party for ds, Saturday cheer comp for dd then we went to VT for the night with friends.  Sunday after we got home and put everything away I went out for a bit with friends for dinner & drinks.

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  • I finished up Taking Chances by Molly McAdams this weekend.  I really, really did not like it.  If anyone else here has read it I would love to discuss it (tear it apart) with you.

    I'm reading Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh as well.
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  • I finished The Liar by Nora Roberts it was pretty good

    We had a semi busy weekend which is not what I wanted
  • SnShne322 said:
    I finished up Taking Chances by Molly McAdams this weekend.  I really, really did not like it.  If anyone else here has read it I would love to discuss it (tear it apart) with you.

    I'm reading Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh as well.
    That book was fucking horrendous. I will never trust the person who recommended it to me ever again.
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