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Gift for the newly engaged

Two dear friends of mine are going to be engaged soon, he's proposing to her and not very many people know I wanted to get a really nice gift for her since it will be her birthday as well any suggestions?
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Re: Gift for the newly engaged

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    Just go for the birthday present.  Don't spend a lot of money.

    Don't get her anything engagement-oriented. Everybody's got different tastes and you may get her something she doesn't want or cannot use.

    They are NOT engaged yet. They will be so that does not make them "newly engaged."
  • GilliCGilliC member
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    A bottle of champagne for you all to toast their engagement.

    And don't replace her birthday present. She's still an individual person, and supplanting someone's birthday gift with an engagement gift is kind of like saying, "Hey! I now only recognize you as half of a couple, rather than as your own person!"
  • Just get the birthday gift and wait for the engagement gift. Just in case he doesn't pop the question when he is planning to. Or if you want to bring it that day, make it a separate gift & leave it in the car until after he proposes. For what to get them, it all depends on the couple, if you know their taste in wine or food, go that route. But then again, a simple congrats card sent in the mail, can be greatly appreciated too. You'll have plenty of chances to get them a gift (bridal shower, wedding gift & if they have one, engagement party)
  • I agree a simple card is more than enough. If you're going to be there for the proposal bring a bottle of reasonably priced campaign. I'd say make a custom label with their names and the date, but that could backfire should he change the date.

    What about ring pops as a fun, silly gift?
  • I'd have to agree about waiting until after the actual engagement and just focusing on the birthday.  However, if you definitely want to get her something, the bottle of wine idea is cute.  Or, if you want to just get her a little trinket now, and something else later, maybe a picture frame that has something about being newly engaged on it?  I've seen those and, while some can be a little bit tacky, others can be really cute (if that is something they are into).

    You know your friend better than any of us. Go with you gut!
  • Another idea since we're getting close to Christmas (if that's what she celebrates), what about a picture ornament, or an ornament where you can add a picture later with a photo of the engagement? This way you'd have more time to make a purchase and it shouldn't break your bank.
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