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Stealing Parking Spots/Being Inconsiderate of Other People's Time and Feelings

I have some stories of parking lot situations.

One day, last year, as I was driving into a grocery store parking lot, I went to the next lane saw someone just left from one space(this was on a 2- way lane and this was close to the front entrance, not a handicapped spot or reserved spot or anything like that and went into the space. I did see some other vehicle FAR AWAY that was just sitting there blocking the lane partially. I don't remember if I noticed if they had their turn signal on or not I think they did, I don't know for 100% certainty since she was REALLY FAR away like probably like 5 or so car lengths away, but honestly it doesn't matter. Anyway, so as I parked I noticed the lady's big suburban right behind me I open my door to see because I thought I probably was over the yellow line, so I started my car and was going to back up, which I had to wait for her to move(I shouldn't have had to have to do that PERIOD even for a second since she was sitting there on purpose waiting to confront me) and I am pretty sure she moved due she probably thought I was going to leave the space to give it to her that I had felt bad or something. So I straighten out making sure I am not over the yellow lines. I get my stuff, get out my car, this bitch had the GALL to tell me I believe it was something like this "I wanted that space and had my turn signal on and everything." I told her "It's a free for all a parking lot and I have just as much rights to that space as you do." I also told her "I don't see your name on that space." I sure didn't take up more of my time for that bitch. I just as I walked towards the store told her these things and walked into the store.

First off, why should I bypass a good close spot because she is waiting for it? Is she a QUEEN and we should all BOW DOWN TO HER or something? Did she ***PAY*** for this spot or have her *NAME* on it? NOOOOO! Waiting for a spot and putting your turn signal on doesn't "ENTITLE" you to a parking spot. I have just as much LEGAL AND MORAL rights as she does to that space or anybody, since it's not a handicapped space or reserved space.

Secondly, she was being selfish blocking people to begin with waiting for a spot to begin with that people shouldn't have to either go around her or have problems backing out of a space. The only time I even decide to wait for a spot is if no one is behind me or/and the person is already half-way backing out, otherwise I don't block people from coming into the lane or and I don't block people from being able to back out of spaces either. Basically the only time I wait is if the person is actually backing out the space as I approach it UNLESS I am not going to block anyone not only behind me and anyone backing out of a space as well. I am VERY CONSIDERATE of others in this world. That lady wasn't. She was VERY SELFISH!

Thirdly, she didn't think about how she was blocking me to have to straighten out. I shouldn't have to wait for her to move her vehicle to back up my car to straighten out. I am trying to do the morally right thing by parking not over the yellow lines. That was selfish to block me like that and she is that stupid not to realize she made me wait to back up all because she wanted to confront me. Talk about wasted time. She could have been shopping by then, seriously. How selfish can someone be and stupid that could have WAYYYY BEEN in the store already as well as hot tempered to have blocked me like that.

Fourthly, why do people think because they wait for a space that entitles them to the space as if they OWN it? I don't think I own a space even if I waited for a person to back out. It's not my space, it's the owner of the business's space. If I end up not getting it, SO THE HELL WHAT?? I mean really, it's not the end of the world, move on. Confronting someone, who knows if that person you are confronting would have a gun or something or was going to beat her up for doing that or something, seriously, that woman is brave. I would NOT have confronted the person PERIOD! I am not better than that person is or more entitled to any spot since it's not a handicapped or reserved spot.

*I HAVE JUST AS MUCH RIGHTS AS SHE DOES TO THAT SPACE!*** I am not going to bypass the space because she's waiting for it. She CHOSE to wait for it, NOT ME! It's just like when you are going towards a line, someone beats you at times by a mere second, maybe even a microsecond even. That's life, get over it.

How many people out there first off CONFRONT people like that? How many people agree with that selfish bitch and don't realize she was being selfish blocking people from backing out or in my case straightening up as well as blocking anyone else from backing out where she was originally as well as anyone that would have come down that lane since unlike I do, she wouldn't have moved for them? How many people out there are HER that block people to wait for a space and WHY? I don't mean if the person is backing out either. I mean just sit there for several minutes, especially when the person isn't even in their vehicle even. The other day I had someone blocking cars even behind me because this person didn't want to park in a spot due to waiting for someone. If you wait for someone, just park in an actual SPOT. It wasn't raining either that day.

I have had 2 times where I was literally BLOCKED IN because the person was waiting for a space and there was a person behind me, which those times it was just a one-way lane. One of those times I was going HOME, that's right, I shouldn't have to wait for someone's parking spot. That's just unfair. Why should I have to wait for *YOUR* parking spot, especially when I want to go home? It's not fair nor is it right. I don't do that to others, don't do it to me. Treat others as you'd like to be treated if that were *YOU*!

What is it with you jerks out there that are SO SELFISH? Why can't you be ********CONSIDERATE******* of other people's time? You aren't the ONLY PERSON that needs to shop, run errands, go eat, go home, etc.. Why ACT LIKE your time is ABOVE OURS? Why act like you are a queen or king like that lady that decided to tell me that her turn signal on was an indicator she owned that spot. NO, no turn signal makes you own A THING. Her name would have been on the spot if she had PAID for it. She wasn't the owner of the spot. First come first gets it just like in a line. If you are too stupid to wait right by the person pulling out, that's your issue, not mine. At first I didn't even know she was waiting for the spot and then realized it after since she was SOOO FARRRR AWAY, I really wasn't 100% sure she was waiting for it. I thought maybe she was, but I wasn't 100% certain that I thought maybe she was waiting for someone inside like a lot of people do that are too lazy to park into an actual spot, so she would sit on the side instead. Some people do just sit digging through their vehicles or just waiting for someone to get out. I have had that happen before like once at McDonald's had to honk on some lady that was blocking me from backing out because she was going to the drive-thru line, but I guess getting her money out prior to going up to the speaker. Some people aren't waiting for a space, they are just waiting for someone or digging through their car. She acted like I was supposed to read her mind or something and as if I should have to sacrifice part of my life(my time) for hers as if she's queen above me or something.

Just the other day I went around someone and got a spot that I didn't even know someone was waiting for(I thought they were digging through their car) and they honked on me the ENTITLED JERK as if I took the spot they were waiting for. I mean WTH?? Why people act so ENTITLED to a spot they are waiting for? NOBODY owns the spot, so WHY act like that? Why not just go park? If your body has no issues that you can walk fine without pain or problems, why not just go park? Lots of people that are fully capable and able to walk just fine wait for parking spots I find. I don't mean in the rain either. I can see a bit more reasoning when it's raining, but I still don't hold up anyone even if it is raining. The times I have had problems has been when it was nice weather.

WHY you people that do this think you are ENTITLED to the parking spot as if you OWN the business? I mean if I was parking in a handicapped or reserved spot which I am neither of those I could understand that not only is that illegal, but immoral, but if it's just a regular non-marked spot, non-reserved spot that NO ONE has ***PAID*** FOR, WHY do you people act SO FREAKING ENTITLED?

I want to know WHY you think I should pass up a space for someone that as you saw was a bitch to me by blocking me so I couldn't back up the first second I could have to straighten out? So I should be courteous to her when she sure wasn't to me that I had to wait for her to back up her suburban to straighten out my car which was time that she was wasting of MINE and not MY FEELINGS OR TIME, especially for a SELFISH BITCH that was blocking traffic on that lane to begin with. She shouldn't have blocked me from straightening out. She didn't think of **** MY FEELINGS, MY TIME****, SO WTH SHOULD I THINK OF HERS??? She was doing it on purpose to block me to tell me something. People shouldn't have to go around you as well. You are preventing other people from backing out of spaces. I have had that happen a number of times too where people are waiting for a space and aren't realizing people want to get out of their parking spaces that you are blocking them in. VERY INCONSIDERATE of a world we live in.

I want to know for the many people are out there that do this, WHY be SO DAMN SELFISH AND LAZY? WHY NOT JUST FREAKING PARK?? I mean if you have problems with your legs, go earlier to place or apply for a handicap tag or some kind of temporary tag if they have one. Usually in the very early hours of the place of business opening there are much less people. The thing is, MOST of these people doing this are just LAZY ASSES and all of these times it wasn't raining, it was nice weather.

I am a TINY bit more forgiving of a person waiting for a spot blocking me if it's pouring down rain as long as it's not more than 10 seconds or so, but as I said in ALL of these cases, it wasn't raining. I still think it's wrong though REGARDLESS of weather.

I would just like to know WHY you people out there think waiting for a spot in a parking lot or putting your turn signal on somehow entitles you to the spot if I get to it first, huh? The owner of the business owns this parking lot, the parking spots, everything about the piece of property. You don't own shit, nor do I. If I got to it first, that's just like when I get to a line 2 microseconds before someone else. At times I could have been first, but just got there not even a second difference, but the person beat me to the line.

How many people honk on people that do what I did by grabbing the spot as I did or even confront the person or have keyed cars or did anything criminal to the person or their vehicles? How many people might get mad, but right after let it go and say "Oh well they got to it before I did"?

How many people feel what I did was wrong and why? Why should I have been nice to her when she showed that she wasn't nice to me blocking me from straightening out my car? I had to wait for her to move so I could straighten out my car, how is that NICE, but then you people look at me like *I* am the villain, like WTH???? That makes no sense and you know it. How many people feel like what she did was right and I mean everything she did from confronting me to blocking me from backing out. I wasn't wrong and even if you feel what I did was wrong, you aren't right, because I have JUST AS MUCH ((((((((((((LEGAL AND MORAL RIGHTS))))))))))))))) as she did to that spot. Also, as I said, if I would have let her have that spot, did you realize that she made me wait an extra 5 seconds I couldn't back up because she was BLOCKING ME just so she could tell me something and blocking other people from backing out or coming into the lane? Then my time would have been punished and why do be NICE to a SELFISH, MEAN BITCH like that?

I am not going to be nice to a SELFISH DUMB bitch that DECIDED ALL ON HER STUPID OWN TO WAIT FOR THE SPACE. I am glad I showed her. She doesn't own the spot. That's not how parking lots work. As long as it's not a handicapped or reserved spot, everyone has 100% EQUAL LEGAL rights to any parking spots.

I don't really give a shit if she waited for it. She CHOSE to be LAZY ASS to not just go ahead and park further and then walk or try to get another parking space instead. I have seen people waiting for a spot and I was already walking in. It's pretty sad today that people do this wasting gas and time. Seriously, WHY? You could be in the store already. When she confronted me, do you realize all that *TIME* she took from her own life? Seriously, how pathetic. If you have a health issue like a broken leg or something, you might want to apply for a temporary handicapped tag or something. I would think they might have something for people that have situations that are not permanent. Also, let's say they don't have such a thing, if you are in a lot of pain walking, you might want to consider going at other times of the day that are slow business times. It's amazing how if you go to Walmart at 10p.m. at night how much different in is than going at 6p.m. at night or going on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I have just as much legal rights to park somewhere as ANYONE ELSE in this world. If I had a broken leg or had lots of pain, I still wouldn't feel entitled to a space just because I would have waited for it. I wouldn’t have blocked someone in the first place to get it(as I said unless they were literally backing out at the time I was passing or there was no one behind me and I wasn't blocking anyone from leaving). I don't feel more entitled to anything than anyone else. The thing is, the MAJORITY of these people that are griping are people that walk just fine. I recently this year had this bitch that I saw she walked just fine when she confronted me saying "You saw me waiting" as if that is supposed to entitle her to a space. I don’t TRULY UNDERSTAND this "ENTITLENESS" attitude in this world as if I have to act like they are ABOVE me in this world? WTH is with these people? What happened was same kind of thing except this person was waiting in front while the person backed out. I don't remember if that lady had her signal on or not, but as I had to maneuver my car just to go around her which is something I shouldn't have had to do in the first place, I got the spot once the person backed out. That's when after I got out my car and she parked a few spaces down(BIG DEAL), she walked JUST FINE. She had ZERO PROBLEMS WALKING. She called said "You saw me waiting" "You and your scrawny ass ." I told her that her name wasn't on the spot, that she wasn't a queen, that it was ***WALMART'S SPOT*** that Walmart owns the parking lot, NOT HER. I am so SICK of ASSHOLES like this. What is it going to take to get people to realize everyone are EQUALS in this world that should have EQUAL RIGHTS to things. This wasn't a handicapped spot, it was just a regular spot.

As I said before, I am not a type of person that does this blocking people thing. I am not sure if the lady last year if she even waited long or not.

BOTH acted like they were ABOVE ME like there were more entitled than I was to the spot. WHY? Anyone having their turn signal on doesn't entitle you to a spot. WAITING for a spot doesn’t entitle you to a spot either. This isn't a line like in the store where you have "turns", it's a parking lot. To me, it's just like when someone else gets to a line a microsecond faster than you. That's life.

How many people have done what I have done? How many people have confronted people doing what I did? How many people think it's rude of me to take the space just because someone is BLOCKING TRAFFIC(slowing everyone else down) to wait for the spot, when it's not rude of me? If you feel you’re your spot, WHY? Because waiting for something means you are blocking people and how is that nice to people? I look at it like that. They are jerks, so I treat them like jerks. They HELD ME UP, I will hold them up by taking the space they wanted. They were selfish, WHY can't I be as well? It's a 2-way street when it comes to be selfish. They are SELFISH to BLOCK someone from either leaving the parking lot because they can't back out of their space or leave the parking lot because they are behind a person that is waiting for a spot or someone that wants a space so they can park and go shop.

Also, to the people that feel I was wrong(which I wasn't), why should I bypass a good spot because these women were waiting for it? I have just as much rights to that good spot as they legal and morally. Also, as I have said, the first lady was a bitch by blocking me so I couldn't straighten out right away as I SHOULD have been able to. Why should I be nice to an inconsiderate BITCH that I had to wait to back up because she was PURPOSEFULLY BLOCKING ME? That's not nice, is it? She was as SELFISH BITCH! She was mean in the first place to sit there and BLOCK traffic going up and down the aisle that they'd have to go around her or that someone couldn't back out of their space to leave the parking lot. She thought she was a QUEEN. She is NOT MORE ENTITLED TO THAT SPOT THAT I WAS. I got to it first, TUFF COOKIES if she didn't get it. MOVE ON and she shouldn't have confronted me as if she was a queen. The first lady acted so entitled because her turn signal was on. SO THE HECK WHAT your turn signal is on?? SO??? Your turn signal doesn't entitle you to a parking spot. I have NEVER HEARD OF THAT BS! As I told her, "I don't see your name on that spot", because that's how she acted. You haven't PAID for that exact spot either. If you wait for something, that's *YOU* being stupid, NOT ME. Just go and park, then you won't have all of that crap, seriously.

This isn't a line where it's first, second, third, etc. There is no line and no one has turns here
. It's whoever gets the spot first. She seems to view it as a line like in the store where you are waiting behind someone to get your turn. There are no "turns" when it comes to parking spots.

If you want a better spot, GO EARLIER! Seriously, if you want the best of the front spots, go before it even opens like 10 minutes or something or if you know it's not busy the first few hours go then or go another day. Don't act like you are ABOVE ME. My time is *************EQUALLY JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HERS IS IN THIS WORLD********! We are ALL EQUALS in this world!

So to everyone that feels because you wait for a parking space that it's your spot as if you were in a line when you aren't and most importantly, you didn't **PAY** for that spot to have that privilege of saying it's truly yours, WHY do you all feel it's "YOURS" when you don't OWN ANYTHING, the owner of the parking lot owns that spot, NOT YOU because you simply decided to wait for it? It's similar to a line in that I got to the front of the line BEFORE you got there by mere seconds. That's kind of what this is. It's not a line, but getting to the line BEFORE the other person. I have had times where I went in line, the person went in front of me like maybe a microsecond before me or visa versa. That's life. WHY are people so hell bent on acting like the space they waited for is "THEIRS" like they have paid for it or something? I don't do this as I said. Even if I am waiting as the vehicle is backing out, if someone else got it before me, SO WHAT. It's not the end of the world, I will just go find another spot. No need to get bent out of shape over it like I just hit your vehicle or something. It's not that important.

Also, by blocking traffic, how is that nice? Once, some lady waited for a space, as I was going honking on her, a pick up truck is behind me, so I think "GREAT NOW I AM BLOCKED", so I get up out of my car and ask if this lady can move over some so I can pass. Of course, she doesn't the selfish bitch. So I was blocked. This happened to me again when I was leaving a store, it's just so mean. Another time, I was trying to back out of space, this person waiting for a space was in front. I had to honk at least 15 seconds or so for them to move. How is this "common courtesy" to block people? Tell me WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD I WAIT FOR "YOUR SPACE"(it's not really your space, but you feel it's yours)? That's not fair to punish innocent people that don't want your space. That want to leave the store or park somewhere else, you are all taking up OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME.


Serenity S said: "but in future if someone is waiting first let them park first. It is a societal rule like waiting in line at the supermarket."

This is actually a *FALSE* statement here. There is no "LINE" and it's only similar in that whoever gets to the space first gets the spot, that's it. WHY should I think of someone else's feelings and time that isn't thinking of anyone else's time or feelings **BLOCKING*** people to get it? They aren't nice people, are they? WHY should I act like they are "ABOVE" me like they have more rights to the space than anyone else just because they *CHOSE* to WAIT FOR IT and BLOCK people in the process of getting where others need to be whether it's leaving or going inside the store?

What is it with people BLOCKING you for "THEIR space" when it's not theirs to begin with since they didn't pay for it and their name is not on it? WHY should I have to wait for that lady that blocked me(when I went up to the lady to ask her to move, she wouldn't(that story)? WHY should my time be compromised for someone else's time?

As I said, I don't sit and just wait for a space(to me sitting waiting while the person is half-way out isn't really waiting since they are already backing out). It doesn't bother me any to walk more. If it's raining, I will just make a run for it or bring my umbrella or if it's something that can wait, I may wait to go another time to that store. I don't block people. In fact, when I am backing out of space, I back in when I see cars coming down the aisles. Now if I see they want my space like they have their turn signal on, then I will go, but only then. I am always thinking of people's feelings and time. I don't think that because I waited for someone to back out even that the space is mine. SO WHAT I waited, that was **MY CHOICE*** to wait. NO ONE MADE ME WAIT FOR IT. It's not like I paid for it. My name isn't on it. No one gave it to me either. The owner of the parking lot owns the space, NOT ANYONE ELSE!

So to you people that wait for a space, why you all feel you are all nice people when you aren't? Blocking people either going down the aisle or backing out of their space or making people go around you how is that nice and considerate or thoughtful or kind? I would like to really know. Please tell me WHY you all feel it's "YOURS" when it's not your space and the person being mean is the person that is BLOCKING OTHERS for "THEIR SPACE"(not legally their space or morally)? Do you all not see that if you do that you are all being ***SELFISH AND BEING MEAN***** to others in the world? I asked a co-worker at another job I had over 10yrs ago about it and she said "Well the next person will just get the space." The thing is, she didn't understand that sometimes people aren't even in their vehicles yet putting away their bunches of groceries and their babies in their car seats, etc. So not everyone is leaving right then and there. WHY should I sit there be blocked(remember I can't back up because someone is behind me and I can't go forward, because I can't go around) for the space you feel entitled to because you feel like you are above everyone else? HOW do you feel that *YOU* are being a nice, considerate human being when you do these things and then act like that people like me are the villains because we got to the space first and *CHOSE* not to block anyone? Why you people that do this feel you are a king or a queen ABOVE the rest of society like the world "OWES" you that space? You waited for it, NOT ME! Be mad at *********YOURSELVES*************if you waited a long time for a space and didn't get it. Don't be pissed at the other person. They had EVERY LEGAL AND MORAL RIGHT JUST AS YOU DID to that space. Maybe you should have gotten CLOSER to the space so someone couldn't easily do that? The two people that I got the spaces from first weren't near the spaces. One was around 5-6 car links away. That makes no sense. The other one, I had to go around, which that inconvenienced me. That lady that went behind me to confront me, blocked me so I had to wait for her to move her vehicle which isn't nice and then she thought she was nice. WHY you people think your "TURN SIGNAL" ENTITLES you to something in the world when you haven't ************PAID*************** A FREAKIN CENT for it?

This pisses me off that people just act like they are ABOVE you in this world like they are better than you. You are all not more privileged than anyone else since it's not a handicapped space and even then, if 2 handicapped people want the space, whoever gets to it first gets it. That's how parking lots work. This is NOT a LINE, IT'S NOT A LINE! WHY do most people seem to feel this way that it's like a line simply because they "CHOSE" to wait for something, huh? You didn't pay for it, it doesn't have your name, it's not yours. A parking lot is a FREE-FOR-ALL! It's not a line, there are no "TURNS" to speak of in a parking lot situation. You are all not more entitled than anyone else to a non-reserved, non-handicapped space(assuming that you aren't handicapped).

Thanks to everyone for your time.

Re: Stealing Parking Spots/Being Inconsiderate of Other People's Time and Feelings

  • While I agree it is ridiculous...so ridiculous...how insanely rude and dangerous some people are when driving, I actually disagree with some of what is bothering you.  If someone has their blinker on and is waiting for someone else to back out, they absolutely have "claimed" that spot and get first dibs on parking there.  It is extremely rude for someone else to swerve in and grab the spot.  No, it isn't an absolute law, but it is basic manners and courtesy.

    With that said, the person waiting does need to make it obvious they are waiting for that spot.  They shouldn't be more than 1-2 car lengths away.  The person waiting should also leave enough room for other cars to pass.  Despite living in a super rude city, they usually do where I'm from.  Yeah, every once in awhile I'll get blocked by someone waiting, but I understand why it happens.  And half the time, when they see I am trying to back out, they will back up to wait for my spot instead and give me a chance to get out.

  • edited September 2015
    5,116 words. I couldn't read it all...on parking spaces...if it were another topic perhaps I could have hung in there for the whole rant. Sorry. Yes, there are parking "rules." If someone has their blinker on that's like saying, "I have dibs on this space."
  • Hey is this the same chick who posts long diatribes about restaurants that don't serve bread ?
  • Actually it's you that is in the wrong. if someone has their blinker on its their space and you're being an inconsiderate selfish jerk by stealing it. And I absolutely would confront you because brats that don't get society need to be called out.
  • I had to stop reading after one paragraph!

    YOU are the one who is acting entitled and the problem with society. The fact the you spent so much time venting about nothing speaks volumes. GAL!
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