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Should I worry?

  My boyfriend and I have dated for almost four years now. And the first 3 1/2 years we couldn't keep out hands off each other. For the last 3 months we rarely have sex. We just moved and there is a lot of stress in our lives., and we live with my father.  He says he doesn't Feel comfortable, and he is too stressed out.  But I know he watches porn and masturbates.  I also know he isn't too uncomfortable just by previous experiences. Should I be worried?  Should I take him as his word and just give him time? And how much? I'm at a loss on what to do? Please help!!!

Re: Should I worry?

  • I could understand why he might be uncomfortable with it, being at your dad's house.  Especially if the walls are thin.  Especially if you couple that with stress going on.

    I'd take him at his word and give him some time.

    How long is the "living with dad" situation going to go on for?  If it is going to be long term, maybe you all can plan a "staycation" once a month, where you rent a hotel room for a night or two either in town or a nearby road trip.

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    Sounds to me like your relationship with BF has run its course.

    That's my take on it. Perhaps it's best if you told him goodbye and moved on without him.

  • I would give it a little more time. You said that you have moved and have a lot of stress in your life. Give yourselves some time to see if things improve or only get worse. Are the things that are causing stress temporary or going to be permanent?  Have you even talked to BF about this? If you get married to him or down the road to someone else, would you give up on a marriage after just 3 months of having additional stress and lack of sex? Probably not, you would probably try to work through things and do what you can to improve it. Why not treat a boyfriend the same? Because it's time to decide to either ride out this wave & realize all relationships hit a rough patch every now and then. Or have you gotten bored and the intimency was really you had keeping you to together? If that is the case, it's time to cut the strings & end it.

  • "We just moved and there is a lot of stress in our lives., and we live with my father."

    Maybe you should live separately. There is no ring on your finger so why should he reap the benefits of marriage?  I am surprised your Dad is allowing this.
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    I totally agree with short+sassy but you need to honestly communicate with each other and work though this rough time.  I would surprise him with some sort of date night with a local hotel stay and remind him how things used to be......

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