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What a storm!

Did everyone make it through last night OK?  

We had no damage to our house and never lost power.  My office building did, though, and I got a text from my boss this morning saying not to come in...and then 30 minutes later she sent one saying everything was up and running again.  So much for an impromptu day off! 

Re: What a storm!

  • I was at the restaurant when it hit. Lights flickered & we all kind of hoped the power would go out, but it never did. The way it was hitting a few of the doors, the front started to flood under two of the doors. We didn't have any damage at the house (that I know of), but I haven't looked up on the roof to see how the antenna looks.
  • @janma529 that stinks...unplanned says off are great.

    M and I had walked out to get in the pool, got in up to my waist when it started to thunder. We just made it inside when the wind and rain started. About 5 minutes in I got a text from my neighbor that her trampoline was gone! It blew right through her fence and they found it in the woods!! We discovered 2 of our fence posts broke, but are still standing so it'll be good til DH can replace them. I loved the sky and rainbow agree it was over.


  • Whoa that's crazy @klm42404

    Tonighta storm was crazy too! Woke me out of a dead sleep
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